My friend and photographer, Shawna Henrie did a wonderful job photographing one of my projects..
So excited to show you the transformation - 

We actually have several rooms to share, but in the interest of keeping the post
to a reasonable size... I will just show you the entry, formal living room and stairs here...
promise more to come, later!
When Fawn and Carey first purchased this home, it was bland and dated....

Here are the MLS listing photos of their home...
Before Living Room....
Before Living Room and Staircase
Before Entry

I'm not gonna lie, there wasn't much to salvage in the living, entry and dining area
we basically gutted it....

But fresh paint, new flooring, carpet and a little decorating...
Now it is fresh, inviting, elegant and beautiful...

Walls are Crisp Muslin by Dunn Edwards/California Paints
Trim - Swiss Coffee - also Dunn Edwards.

LOVE the botanical wall we created and the 11 foot custom curtains..

We also built a large custom bookcase unit to fill the wall next to the grand piano
(here it is in process) with file drawers for music storage
because this is a serious music room
just disguised as a formal living room
and there is a lot of music to be stored.....
and more often than not there are music stands
and stringed instruments sharing this space...

We filled the top of the cabinet with cherished books, memories and mementos

the bottom is full of music

AFTER - Staircase

AFTER - Entry

(in process)

(yes, more music in here, too)

Thanks to Fawn for allowing us and camera to invade her home so soon after the holidays, and for trusting me to create a beautiful space for her family and the music they create. 

I let the photos do most of  the talking here, but if you do have questions on anything - just ask!

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