We love our world of color, don't we?
Nature surrounds us in amazing hues each season.  
The fresh greens of spring and its blossoms,

Summer's bounty of flowers,

Fall's warmth

and Winter's dramatic contrasts.

Each of us has a particular palette we choose to dress in, paint our nails with, and plant in our garden - but when it comes to wall color even the most color courageous among us are stumped.

Some of you have specific questions, and I will do my best to answer them or at least lead you in the right direction....

Hello, I just spent the past week and weekend struggling to pick a color for the walls of our kitchen. The cabinets are beech, the countertop is ubatuba granite and the floor is a mix of green, beige and white. I have painted some samples on the walls. Putnam ivory (BM) is a bit too yellow and dark. The muslin (BM) is too light. Any thoughts? What do you think about a green or peach? Thanks so much.

Dear Anonymous:   Green, beige, white and the light beech cabinets with the darkness of ubatuba granite - I think I'd go a gray/green in a very soft tone - on the light side.  In the peach tones - I'd go bolder - peach is more 90's - a dated hue - but a terra cotta or persimmon is current and bolder.   It would be hard for me to give you an exact color since I don't know the exact hue of green on your floor, but you may try one of these and see if they blend with your colors:
Benjamin Moores: Hancock Green and Guilford Green

Hancock Green, Guilford Green (Benjamin Moore)  Vert de Terre (Farrow & Ball)
Farrow and Ball's Vert de Terre.  Also look at Benjamin Moore's Soft Fern or Mesquite.

Benjamin Moore Soft Fern
Mesquite is a little darker, but still a great gray toned green.

Mesquite - Benjamin Moore
Let me know if any of these work for you!

By Anonymous on EXPLORING WALL COLOR: GRAY on 10/14/11
this blog is great! I have a question: Our hardwood floors and stairs color is maple chocolate brownie(Mirage) and the stair wrought iron color is gun metal. Our kitchen cabinets are cream matte. What grey BM color would work best with the colors to give the open concept main level a light, airy, and happy feel? Thanks.

Dear Anonymous: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is a greige, or a soft grey with a beige or warm undertone.   I also like Wedgewood Gray - a beautiful gray blue has plenty of light in it.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (Decorpad)

Wedgwood Gray, Benjamin Moore

By Anonymous on ASKED AND ANSWERED - COLOR HELP on 10/18/11
From Sara W: What gray would you use with a red sofa in a room with golden oak trim?
 (Don't love the trim, but it's here and I have to work with it because I'm not motivated enough to change it)

Hi Sara W: Depending on how much color you want on your walls - for a darker wall - Storm (Benjamin Moore), for lighter -Edgecomb Gray (Benjamin Moore) or Stonington Gray (Benjamin Moore)

Mesa Verde Tan - Benjamin Moore (Tweaking Home)

Edgecomb Gray, Benjamin Moore

Stonington Gray - Benjamin Moore

By mcook on EXPLORING WALL COLOR: GRAY on 10/19/11

hey Claudine, im looking for a color for my new bathroom. I have an espresso vanity, multi color slate floor and white subway tile shower with slate accents/floor.
Im thinking of a grayish color. In the hallway leading up to the bathroom we have manchester tan - so I want to make sure it flows. Any suggestions.

I'll start by asking you a question.  Slate is a natural stone that is multicolored in tones from dark gray and orange/russet tones to blues and greens.  What colors does your floor contain?  Since I don't have that information - a color that would go well with either the warm or cool tones and nicely also with Manchester tan and espresso woodwork and white tile...

Try Valspar's Autumn Fog,  Behr's Flint Smoke or Benjamin Moore's Silver Gray

Blue tones would go well with warmer tones in the slate - I'd go with a grayed down blue/green - like Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore - their 2012 color of the year.  Blue in all its hues is coming back in a big way for 2012. A lighter GREEN/BLUE hue that is very beautiful with dark woods and tans is Sea Salt by  Benjamin Moore.

By Anonymous on EXPLORING WALL COLOR: GRAY on 10/19/11
Do you have a Benjamin Moore Color that would be similar to the Sandy Hook Grey? I'm trying to paint a gray that has tan undertones to coordinate with the tans/beige/creams in my bedroom. I have the same tray ceiling and I love how the photo looks. Thanks!

Sandy Hook Gray - Benjamin Moore

Well you are in luck.  Sandy Hook Grey IS a Benjamin Moore color and I have no idea why I have it listed as a Dunn Edwards color.  I will make the correction on my blog.

By Anonymous on EXPLORING WALL COLOR: GRAY on 10/20/11
Claudine, I would love to send you a photo of our recently purchased 1916 Craftsman home. It is painted yellow, with Green trim and red accents. Many people love the colors, which are historically accurate but we find it a bit much. We need help. Would you share your ideas with us please? If so, where can we send the image?

I would love to help.  Please send to your-nest@hotmail.com

By Anonymous on EXPLORING WALL COLOR: GRAY on 10/21/11
Wow, love this website! Claudine, wondering what you think for a brand new townhouse at the beach. The first floor has a large foyer which will become a sitting room, and is open to the rest of the first floor which includes a kitchen and very large family room. I am thinking the entire first floor needs to be one color since there is no separation of the rooms. I would live a light, beachy feel and am open to anything! I also would love a suggestion for the second floor going up the stairs and hallway to bedrooms. Thanks so much!

Oh to have a beach house.  I'm so envious!  I can answer best by telling you what I would do... Fresh painted creamy white woodwork, with walls the colors of beach glass, driftwood and the ocean.
 Light woods, slipcovers and painted furniture.  Check out my post on that subject:  http://yournestdesign.blogspot.com/2010/03/going-coastal.html
As for colors: 

Tranquility, Benjamin Moore

Dolphin Fin, Behr

Cliffside Gray, Benjamin Moore

Fresh Dew, Benjamin Moore

Dune Grass, Benjamin Moore

Cape Hatteras Sand, Benjamin Moore
Silver Fox, Benjamin Moore
Claudine - You have such wonderful taste in colors so was hoping you could help me out! I am trying to pick a color for my living room which is in between the kitchen and the master bedroom (old house with long add on). The kitchen is a light grey with heavy blue undertones and I just painted my master bedroom in Silver Fox from Benjamin Moore which I love. I am trying to find a brown / grey color for the living room since my furnishings are more on the dark brown / reds and golds. I am hoping to switch out some of the furnishings but cannot right now so was hoping to find a color that blended well from the kitchen into the bedroom - staying away from anything too gold. Any suggestions??? I was looking at BM Kangaroo and Bennington Gray. Thank you!

Bennington Gray, Benjamin Moore

Again, you are on the right track, I just suggest trying a couple out on poster board (2 coats) and taping them in the actual room.  I also suggest trying Grant Beige, it is one of Benjamin Moore's most popular gray/beige colors.  Browns look wonderful with those tones and your Silver Fox as well as the grey with the blue undertones should work as well.   Good luck!

Grant Beige, Benjamin Moore


  1. In LOVE with the blue walls, especially the "grayed down" 2012 Benjamin Moore color of the year... oh my word, I love that.

  2. I love your site!! You have the best suggestions! I have a question: we have a brand new house and I don't know what colors to paint the walls! We just painted the kitchen with Behr Studio Taupe an we love it! But now we don't know what color to paint the living room and hallway! We don't want to use the Studio Taupe in the living room because we want to go a little lighter! We have white trim and doors and white mantel for the fireplace!! Do you have any suggestions? Thanks do much!!

  3. Victoria,
    Those colors would look wonderful in your home, as well

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    I'm answering your question in a new post Look for it!

  5. I love the mirror in your post in number 7 under tranquility color? Do you know where it is from? Or where the pic came from?

  6. Can u help me pick a paint color for my family room. The floors are dark mahogany the leather sectionsl is chocolate/winey coloe. The furniture has black and wood accents. Room has 5 windows in it so there is a ton of sunshine! All woodwork is white. Most rooms in my house are in the gold brown family. Open for any suggestions


    I haven't found this particular mirror, but I did find a 'casbah' mirror that could easily be painted white here :

    I think it is basically the exact mirror, but in bronze - and I like it better white.

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    I'm happy to help you with wall color for your family room. I do ask that you become a follower, and contact me via email to let me know that you are following. I have a color in mind, so hurry!

  9. Your taste is just what I am looking for in
    renovating a rental house.
    May I send you pictures for your consideration?


  10. Dear Kathy,
    thank you for your kind words. I would love to see photos - email me at your-nest@hotmail.com

    I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have had a few emergencies and illness in my family this past couple of months - I'm catching up - I promise!

  11. In that first picture of the two trees... Do you know a purple that would match that and a medium/light grey that would go with it? Thanks. Kandice @ jkwallison@gmail.com

  12. Hi Claudine! I am just discoing your blog via pinterset, but can't seem to subscribe?...I love your style and advice and have a decorating dilemma. My open floor plan, living/dining/kitchen area has been Ralph Lauren Sisal for the past 5 years due to my former fear of color. I am ready for change and chose Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe, but am questioning my decision. My floors are med-dark hardwood, my table and chairs are dark wood, couch and side chair are chocolate velvet, my area rug is sisal, and living room rug is a light gold trellis, my curtains are dark turquoise/smokey blue silk, my granite is beige, and my crown molding and kitchen cabinets are white. Once I got the room half painted I stopped and have been trotting myself ever since. It seems a little too pastel green, but maybe I'm imagining it??? Do you think I would be better off with BM Grey Wisp or BM Sea Salt?

    Than you so much!!!

  13. Claudine Barnett - CBID DesignWednesday, August 15, 2012

    Anonymous (Tuesday July 3, 2012) Just letting you know I posted an answer to your question above at : http://yournestdesign.blogspot.com/2012/08/color-advice.html

  14. I want to redo my half bath and since it is so small do not want to close it up. The vanity is in an oak finish but I would really like to paint over it as well. We have tile floors in a sand color - suggestions?

  15. Hello Claudine! I am so thankful I found this blog and you on Pinterest! I am one HUGE question. I live in a log home...with a warm tone...I was hoping to make the wood feel even warmer. I am thinking along the lines of a gray..do yo have any suggestions? Or do you think another color would suit the room better. Currently we have emerald green carpet..but that will change in time;) Thanks!Liz

  16. Claudine, I m so glad that I found your blog on pinterest....I have been wanting to change the colors of my walls (which are now white) the only problem that I am running into is the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all open. I guess I need to find a color that will follow through all the rooms. My living room has victorian furniture in it and my tables is a cherry. The dining room and kitchen has light oak furniture. I have hardwood floors in two rooms which is a medium oak color and the floor in the kitchen is white ceramic tile. I relly would like to get away from the white but I just have no idea as to what color is should go with. I really hope that you can help me with this. Thank you Theresa

    1. Hi Theresa,
      I will be answering your questions in the next few days. Make sure you follow (top right corner) so you don't miss it. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I'm happy to help!

  17. Hi Claudine,
    Where is the picture for question #3 (labeled as Benjamin Moore's storm) from? Are you sure it's BM's storm? I love the colour, but it looks more green than storm. Could you confirm please? I'd like to paint my living room the same colour. Thanks!

  18. Sally,
    The resource for that photo recently corrected the color to Mesa Verde Tan by Benjamin Moore. Try that in a few spots to see if it is the color you are thinking of. Best, Claudine

  19. Thanks for the quick response!!

  20. Hi there! Your blog is amazing! We recently purchased a new home where the kitchen, dining room and living room are all open. There are a ton of windows and all the trim is white. We are planning on painting our fireplace mantel white as well and we are looking for a med to dark grey color to make all of the white pop. The floors are standard builder grade maple and the living area has very light almost white coloured carpet. I also have a light grey sofa in mind..any advice on paint color?

    1. thanks so much for visiting! I will be happy to answer your question in the next few days. Make sure you follow (top right hand corner) so you don't miss it! Hugs, Claudine

  21. Hi Claudine, thanks so much for your blog!. I have a generic question: Is there a logical way to use color fan decks to find similar colors... other than just looking through the fan. For example, I have tried Benjamin Moore's Silver Fox on the wall, but it looks a little purple. I'd like something veryclose to Silver Fox, but less purple. Likewise, I love cotswold, but want something just a bit lighter, without going more yellow, more red or more blue. I guess I could add white to Cotswold to make it lighter??? But I've heard that doesn't work well. So, I'm thinking there may be some scientific way to find the shade I want ( i.e., something better than just looking thru the color fan.)
    Beth J

  22. Hi Claudine
    I have a question about color for my walls of the living and dining room of my small house. I was tryin to follow your blog but it looks like you have multiple. Which one should I follow? Also can I send a pic of the living room and see what you think?

    1. Kim,
      Definitely follow the CBID Home Decor and Design blog, and any other you would like. I would love to see photos, please send to your-nest@hotmail.com. Thank you

  23. Hi Claudine! My home is Shabby Chic/Beachy with Darker wood Antiques. I love White and Cream, toned down Aqua Blue(a bit less green), and Taupe. The trim is White through out the house. The exception is the Kitchen Cabinets. They are a creamy white from Farrow and Ball that I painted a few years ago. I am going to do two Parsons chairs with white slipcovers at the heads of the table. The side chairs I'm going to paint the aqua I love. The table base is painted Annie Sloan "Old white", The top is an original black stain. It was a former long Library Table. I'm not "married" to the top .The question is would BM Linen or SW Urban Putty look good on the kitchen walls. Or perhaps another color. I am getting lost in all the solid white Beachy Shabby Chic looks that I see in Magazines. Does Shabby Chic only have to be white? I would love to know what you'd recommend in a paint color. Thank you!!!


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