I love a 'natural' look.
A look of fresh greens, berries and pinecones,
with perhaps a touch of frost....
That more often translates into faux greens,
faux berries and some fake snow or icy glitter touches
but the pinecones are real
and they are the star of this post....

So Let's Get Started,
here are some ideas I've been collecting - using pinecones
because they are iconic
and beautiful
and inexpensive..

Good Housekeeping
these long narrow pinecones caught my eye
I love that they are hanging as an ornament, with silver baubles
and a little silver paint
how simple to make,
a large silver bead at the top attached with wire
(add a hanging loop)
and one or more large beads wired to the bottom
(add a chandelier crystal for extra sparkle)
and spray some with krylons mirror finish silver spray
or touch the edges with glue or mod podge and dust with glitter
(I can't wait to do this!)

So you  may have noticed that pinecones are BIG this year
you can count on seeing them everywhere -
these are a little more simple, hung with ribbon
I'd probably have to add some sparkle - you can never have too much sparkle :)


Smaller pinecones, silvered or glittered
act as both vase filler (with clear glass balls) and ornaments on branches

and how sweet is this? - so simple
ribbon, wire, pinecones
glitter is optional


there are a couple of factors that make this vignette yummy -
the mini pinecone topiaries
(created with an egg cup and small silver vase)
the spray snow or flock on the glass domes
and on the pinecones themselves

pottery barn

and as centerpieces, these are adorable
love the little silver containers
and glittery stars
a few votives and silver balls
and pinecones big and small
and it can go from casual to elegant
with the simple change of the color and style of
the runner and votives

I'm a little bit in love with these pinecone rosettes
a styrofoam ball is the base
floral picks keep the pinecones in place
it's like a lovely bouquet of pinecones
and looks wonderful with the greens


that same rosette can be hung from ribbon as a kissing ball...

or embellished a little with ribbon
and some shiny ornaments


i love this pinecone chandelier
just think how sparkly it could be
with a little more of the crystals

pinecones make a pretty sweet garland for a staircase
(that's a lot of brown for me, I may need to add some green,
or some frostiness)

and I love them nestled in the base of this urn
with pine boughs and lighted twigs
(both natural and romantic)

a simple but festive swag
created from your favorite holiday ribbon
and pinecones
think of the possibilities!


like the back of the chairs at the dining table (works for Thanksgiving, too)


this is so festive and simple


brushed with paint - fall hues
or touch with white for Christmas
and add sparkle with glitter if desired
but hang with really fun ribbon!

what a great way to dress up a window
simple pinecones with ribbon...

pinecones go with garland like milk goes with cookies
they make each other better
this is how I like to create garland
oozing with all kinds of greens,  berries, pinecones and is that feathers?


and I would love to do this to a mirror
so woodsy and elegant

another simple garland
painted wooden beads (you choose the color)
twig bundles
cinnamon sticks


the big fat ends of pinecones were removed for this garland
they look like flowers - wooden beads form the centers
but if you are like me, you are already imagining buttons, rhinestones, etc. as centers


or how about some frosty blue spray paint for a wintry look?


this looks amazing, but I'd hate to throw it away after the holidays
do they even make faux kumquats?


I like the mix of painted and plain pinecones in this wreath


Pinecones look wonderful on the tree
I especially love the glittered ones


they look amazing on the tree
and such an inexpensive ornament

Pottery Barn


they are also great as bowl or jar fillers

my tree has painted and glittered pinecones
as well as glass pinecone ornaments

they look great together
these are vintage - from the 30's and 40's -
pinecones have been popular for a long long time


this arrangement by Martha Stewart could be made
using either glass or real pinecones

another one from Martha
these frames were made by using the
individual petals of a pinecones to frame a photo
some embellished with gold beads
I think they are adorable and very simple to make

a giant pinecone, painted silver, is elegant as a bannister decoration


and another giant frosted pinecone takes on special importance under a dome


glass domes and vases seem to make even the most
humble materials look special



but they also fill a bowl well, shared here with white ornaments and nuts


and the white pinecones were created with a simple dip into
white latex paint (house paint?  I do believe I have some partially empty cans of that lying around)

I love pinecones added to florals
here with fragrant paperwhites


and this silk arrangement works well with real pinecones


a single large pinecone, trimmed with a ribbon and some greenery
is perfect to hang on a doorknob


but a bunch hung with satin ribbon
is both natural and elegant


tuck them into a painted flower pot
to make an interesting centerpiece

or mantle decoration

or for a front door
(whether real or faux)


I love the simple beauty of this use of pinecones


and if you are ambitious - the little flowers made from
pinecone petals on these name tags are very sweet


I particularly like these bigger pinecone blossoms
decorating hurricanes


Here is a simple placecard idea


These pinecone shaped ornaments are made with a styrofoam ball center
and bookpage petals


and these are made of felt
with a tutorial available

I don't know about you, but I am definitely adding some pinecone decor to my
Christmas plan this year.

Best wishes!

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