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Can I just say 'thank you' to my readers and followers?  Your comments and questions keep me on my toes and make me feel like I'm contributing a little bit!  I hope I am helping you make your homes a little more liveable with better wall color choices! That would totally make my day!   

So, along those lines, 

Some color question‏s from readers:


I am redoing my living room and I am stuck on paint colors. I formerly had a Benjamin moore bisque (goldish)  color on the wall and lots of reds and natural decor. I need a major change and I am thinking of Blues, greys or taupes for paint colors. The room is an open floor plan so it connects with the kitchen and dining area. All have white trim and I have black dining furniture and beige butter leather couches.

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I have  reddish cherry cabinets and a glass tiles backsplash which is browns, greens, golds, beiges. Granite is a brownish tones.  I am looking to get away from the reds and oranges.  I also have a corner fireplace which I am not liking right now! and two huge double sliding glass doors which I need to figure out  a new window covering plan for. 
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...I saw storm and it looked nice. Not sure if I should go with a taupe or grey with the cherry wood or a blue. I also considered two different shades like a taupe and a blue but cant figure out what walls to do what color.  Do you have any suggestions for me. I am desperate!  Your blog is so awesome! 

Thank you Barb.  I'm glad you are enjoying the blog.  
The colors in your home and  your wood tones work well with many colors.  I'm not sure these photos all read as one large space, or if the living room is separate - if it is one big space visible from the other rooms - choose one color to unify your decor.  I'd choose a neutral, with a color undertone - like a gray with a hint of blue or green, or a beige with a gray undertone, and look to your back splash for color inspiration.  
The white trim will be beautiful against a cool neutral
and the warmth of the wood and back splash will provide a nice contrast. 
 Benjamin Moore's palette has a lot to choose from.  

Vale Mist / Benjamin Moore
Casa Sugar 

For a green undertone, try Vale Mist.  There appears to be a little green in your back-splash and this may blend well, if the colors are accurate.

Vale Mist / Benjamin Moore
Casa Sugar

Try a sample pot of Benjamin Moore's Morning Dew  for another gray with a green undertone

Morning Dew/Benjamin Moore

or Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray for a good gray beige that is not too dark. 

Edgecomb Gray / Benjamin Moore

 If you like a gray with a blue tone, try Winter Solstice (also Benjamin Moore) which would be best in the living room (if it is a separate room) as it probably wouldn't blend as nicely with the back-splash colors.   
Winter Solstice/Benjamin Moore
I find it best to paint two coats (let dry between) on heavy foam core or poster board, leaving a 2" border of white, to put on the wall for a color sample. 

The poster board allows you to move it around the room and experience it in different light, and the border keeps the current wall color from interfering with the new color.  And remember that the pictures you see here are probably not 100% accurate in color - it all depends on camera and available light - so it is essential to try samples in your actual room.  Good luck!

I love your site!! You have the best suggestions! I have a question: we have a brand new house and I don't know what colors to paint the walls!
We just painted the kitchen with Sherwin Williams Studio Taupe and we love it!

But now we don't know what color to paint the living room and hallway! We don't want to use the Studio Taupe in the living room because we want to go a little lighter! We have white trim and doors and white mantel for the fireplace!! Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!!

Well, first of all thanks for reading and I hope I can help.  I love your Studio Taupe wall color.  So many colors will go beautifully with that hue. One to try that is a little lighter than the Studio Taupe and should blend well is Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray (shown here in two different times to see the way it changes)

In the beige/gray family - a lighter color in the same family as the Studio Taupe would be
 Sherwin Williams Ramie. 
As always, try samples in the room before deciding on the paint color, as photos can be very different than the actual light you experience in your home.


What would you say for a grayed down or 'dirtied' color yellow or gold would in S. W. paint? thank you. 

My 'go to' color for a gold neutral is Dunn Edwards Golden Gate.  If I chose one in Sherwin Williams paint palette, my favorite would be Whole Wheat.

HELP! I'm losing my mind trying to pick out a color. I really want a grey paint that will work with a beige couch with blank threads and Crate and Barrel rug that has a kaki background with blue, greens, browns and black. It's a small apartment so I wanted to use various tones of the same color. I'm thrown off trying to figure out if I match the upholstery and rug tone ( a greige or green color) or find a compliment. Any ideas? 

 Don't match your paint to your furniture.  A true neutral will allow them to stand out, and recede to the background.  Try complimentary colors, not exact matches, for example: since you have blue and browns and khaki in your rug, try a grey with those undertones.  Here are some examples:

grayed down Khaki - Benjamin Moore [Castleton Mist]

gray/beige Benjamin Moore [Bleeker Beige]
grayed down blue/green Benjamin Moore [October Mist]

grayed down blue Benjamin Moore [Nightingale]
I hope you can find the right color for your room!

Best wishes,

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