On a little trip to World Market for a British snack 'fix' (Digestive Biscuits, Galaxy chocolate bars and Haribo Peachies for the hubby's stash drawer), I came across a few home decor items on the cheap.

I love finding something fabulous for a great price - and World Market didn't disappoint!  Sign up for emails and you could get a 20% off coupon - making fabulous even more affordable.

Check out these mirrored sunburst sconces -

starting with this gilded beauty..
approx. 17" diameter
Or maybe you prefer just the mirror...

This one is awesome but needs a little bling...?
A little Rub and Buff should do it.  DIY project, anyone?
Art Deco Sconce
13" diameter
a nice rustic look for this.
Sunburst Sconce
Approx. $35
14" diameter
Or, if your space needs a more slender style, try Emma

Gold Sconce
around $22
approx 5" x 16"

I was pretty excited to find nice, heavy 100% linen curtains, fully lined, with grommeted tops - in 3 lengths and several colors.  I grabbed the white ones, on sale, for my family room - can't wait to show you what I have planned for them.... but that's another post!
linen curtains
84", 96" and 108"
from $60-$75 per panel

This light fixture is so cool.  A rope covered cord with a plug at one end and a socket at the other.  The possibilities are endless.... a couple for matching bedside hanging over bedside tables, a trio over a kitchen island...
rope light swag kit
great for a rustic, salvaged, industrial look
or,  combine several of them for a truly unique look

and they have the Edison style bulbs (did you know they are LED?) for a mere $10 each.
Edison bulbs

If you are a seashell lover, like me, you're sure to fall for this cadiz shell pendant.  I like this smokey color - also available in a lighter and smaller version....

Capiz pendant
approx. $56
14" diameter
and at this price you can afford to hang one on each side of the bed, over the bedside tables, in place of table lamps....

Not just for holidays, mercury glass votives look great on a mantle, the table, or as an accent anywhere...  I like the unique look of this trio
mercury glass
trio approx $12
The wine box...
with handles

Wine box with handles
currently on sale for $40
I love the look of this - but my mind went immediately to this:...
Up for a DIY project?

and this....

Succulents are so popular right now, and easy to grow.  However, if you don't feel you have a green thumb, the faux versions are hard to tell apart from the real, and would make a wonderful statement in this box on a wall, or on a coffee table....  

Retire your front door wreath for a while - and try a basket...
found this at a great price, approx. 14"x14"
flat backed basket
on sale:  $15
Grab it quick and you can do this.....

Loved this little counter stool - available in other colors, too -  Nice distressed wood look.. and a good price.  (and no assembly required!)
counter stool
around $119
Natural History is 'in' right now, and bugs are cool....
bugs are cool
$89/set of 3

There's more... but I will leave it to you to discover.






Its not completely finished, but I couldn't wait to share
the before and after photos of one of my long-distance decorating clients.

Here's the before... a 'u' shaped kitchen with oak cabinets and white tile countertops

I felt it was important to keep this area light
if we went dark with the cabinets, this could really become a cave..
but with the white counter tops and backsplash, 
I was afraid a totally white kitchen
might look a little sterile

So we opted for White Dove (BM) upper cabinets and dark charcoal lower cabinets
The results are pretty dramatic, right?
Suddenly the room is filled with light, the stainless steel gleams, and the backsplash pops...

That's the magic of paint...

There are more dramatic changes in the living room and bathroom, 
but I will save that for a later post.  

Today, I'm helping a reader from Ireland...
and she's adorable

Hi Claudine, 
A question all the way from Ireland!! But this geographical position might impact if you can help me with this 
question or not as the paint ranges I am able to work with this side of the Atlantic are "Farrow and Ball" or      
"Little Greene" (a company similar to F&B) 

So I have 3 questions- The first, I understand, you may answer for free. The other two, I would appreciate if 
you could quote me a price for your advice. So firstly, what gray/grey colour/color (lol!!) should I paint my 
kitchen cabinets in our kitchen-diner that gets a lot of sun in the morning. I am aiming for an industrial, 
organic, natural look. 
I need something to coordinate with my terra cotta tiles (which really are not as orange as they seem in the 
attached photo) as I really cannot deal with taking them up. I have tried a tester of F&B Dove Tale matt 
emulsion on a primed door and was very happy with it. It came through as grey with subtle putty tones- a 
warm grey. I then tested it on a wall and it was a lot darker and browner than I would like. 
It seemed to be a lot more subtle on the primed press. So I am assuming that if it I order the Dove Tale in 
eggshell it will be similar to the tester on the wall than on the press (I really hope I am making sense!!!) 

Please help..... I have gone through a dozen testers of grey, finding them all a bit too cold, clinical and dull. 
There are some elements of the Dove Tale I love- it has depth and subtlety but its just too.....brown. I went tomy local F&B stockist and she was like 'no way to grey' suggesting a cream, but I can't do cream as every 
kitchen is cream at the moment in Ireland!!!! and it really isn't practical for our family. I have a patio door to 
the left of the picture where the dining part of the room is.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Hello Ireland!
Since I am familiar with Farrow and Ball's line of paint, I will answer for that palette.  Dove Tale is quite

brown - it has a little grey/gray in it, but its going to read brown no matter where you put it or what time of day it is.    Depending on the light, it can look VERY brown...

Here are a few inspiration photos with gray cabinets, which I think you might like a little better.

Happily, Farrow and Ball has a few hues that are definitely gray and that we can work with.   
Although gray is a cool color, with your terra-cotta floor and some fresh white trim, it shouldn't look cold...

lighter grays will be colder in tone (unless they have a beige undertone)

but a cooler background always shows off the accent colors well.  A monochromatic look (like the one below) will come across as a bit cool - so make sure your accent colors are warm or bright.

The warmth of the terra cotta floor will look best with a cool cabinet color, (see the orange-isn wood tones
with the gray below...)
and those very cool door pulls will stand out more if the gray is not terribly dark.

Here are a few Farrow and Ball colors to consider..


Hard to believe these are ALL Lamp Room Gray - the first picture is flooded with light - and light affects the intensity of the color.



Pavilion has a warm undertone.  Looks great with white trim.









 You can see how the colors varies from photo to photo - the reason is that light affects paint color - and I'm quite sure that Irish light is going to be different than California light... so please try a few samples first.  I hope you find a color here that will work for your kitchen!

link within

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