I've always loved the color palette of a Siamese Cat.  Creamy beiges,
deep browns, dark charcoal, and those calm blue eyes.
There is a reason they are so beautiful.  Nature knows the perfect
color palette!
Hi Claudine, I just stumbled across your fabulous blog while searching for paint colors for my new home. I'm really having difficulty choosing colors for our sun-filled 
new center hall colonial. I know I want a "blue", such as labrador 
blue, In one of the rooms (living room, dining room 
w/ chair rail). I'm having difficulty finding other 
paint colors for my dining/living,

big family room,

and then the hallway.
We really like browns, but aren't afraid of color. Also, attached is a picture of my kitchen tiles, which wouldn't be my first choice.

Thank you in advance for ANY help you offer me. Kristen Ferranti

Kristen, I love your home. There are a lot of lovely details which will look so fresh in white against a beautiful wall color. Lets start with the wall color that you know you want - Labrador Blue by Benjamin Moore - and the fact that you like browns, and see if we can come up with a palette.

Benjamin Moore (Labrador Blue) is a strong grey blue.  Strong enough that it is best served up with a good helping of white, like in this room, to keep it from overpowering.  In a very sunny room it may be less strong.   I like it for entry halls, bedrooms, bathrooms and separate formal dining rooms.

My South Shore House
Benjamin Moore (Annapolis Gray)
Because of the blue/gray Labrador color you liked, I thought we should explore some greys, blues and browns for your home.   Annapolis Gray above has enough light in it that it works even in stairwells and hallways. 

Below is an example of the palette I think would be beautiful for your home.... Grays, Tans/Beige, Blues, Blue Greens.

Benjamin Moore (Cape Hatteras Sand)
 This palette of tan/beige/brown, blues, greens and grays is soothing and will flow easily from room to room in your home. Adding some dark wood furniture or flooring will further ground this palette.  I chose a cooler palette because you  mentioned this is a very sunny home.   The sunlight will be warm, and the cool colors are a lovely contrast.   Keep your wood trim fresh white (Benjamin Moore - White Dove or Atrium White).

Family rooms are more casual and a nice tan or beige with a gray undertone is a great choice.  This is a very popular color with Benjamin Moore (Bleeker Beige)

Benjamin Moore (Camouflage)
 You can add a touch of green gray to the palette as well.  Camouflage is a great kitchen color or bathroom color.

Beachnut Lane
A lighter, less strong blue is Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue above and below.  It has a gray undertone and a touch of green.   Wythe Blue (also Benjamin Moore) is also a great choice
Evolution of Style
  This is another example of the blue, gray, beige/tan palette - beautiful, isn't it?
 Benjamin Moore (Northern Cliffs) is beautiful in a living/dining area or the hallway.  Its equally beautiful with tans/beiges and blues/greens.   Take a peek at the kitchen in the distance - clever use of color in the blue ceiling.

 Every home needs a little drama. Benjamin Moore (Kendall Charcoal) is a warm charcoal, perfect for a dramatic dining, a cozy bedroom or a feature wall in a lighter room
 Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore) is a wonderful warm gray that everyone LOVES.  Look how beautifully it plays with the blues and chocolate brown wood tones in this room.  It would be lovely in any room.

Benjamin Moore (Sea Haze)
 I know I have given you more choices than you needed.  Basically, move through your color palette in the rooms you are painting.  If you choose a gray for the entry/hall, select a blue for the dining/living area and a brown/tan or beige for the family room.  If you use all colors in all three rooms your decor will flow naturally from room to room and your furniture and accessories will look good in any room.
Benjamin Moore (Springfield Tan)
 You will have to imagine the blues and grays with the Springfield Tan walls above.  I love the color and can promise the other colors will look great with it as well.  Its a perfect family room color, and so is this warm Sherwood Tan below.

Benjamin Moore (Sherwood Tan)

So, good luck with your choices and let me know if you need any more help. 

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