Sometimes the best way to choose color for a child or a baby's room is to start with the bedding.
You can't always guarantee that you will find fabric to match your paint color - but you can almost plan on finding paint to match your fabric.  Most home improvement stores carry color matching tech.  Just remember you never want to choose an exact color from a fabric for your walls - it will be too strong - always select a grayed or dirtied down version of your color.  It will be more livable and more sophisticated in the long run.

I just found your blog and would love your help.  However, I need it quickly because we are painting on Thursday!  We are putting up white beadboard at the bottom and painting the top.  I was thinking
yellow- although it's the least dominant color. We already have a pink room and I am not a huge fan of green.

How fun it is to plan a nursery!  So happy for you and your little bundle of joy soon to come.  You can certainly paint your walls yellow - a nice creamy butter tone would be nice with this fabric.
try Benjamin Moore (Luminaire) or (Weston Flax)
Yellow/gold  without a lot of pigment (color) tends to work nicely as a neutral.  Here are a few other neutrals to consider:

Grayed down aqua - such a soft soothing background for bright colors.  Even though this color is not found in your fabric, it goes well with all the colors and as a neutral will make them stand out and make a statement
try Yarmouth Blue (Benjamin Moore)

The brighter version, although a definite blue, is definitely a little girl's color...
Benjamin Moore (Heavenly Blue) or (Dolphins Cove)
 Just short of being 'yellow' this creamy warm tone works well against brighter colors - and even though this photo is pretty in monochromatic palette, it will be a beautiful background for the pinks, blues and greens in your nursery bedding.
Try Benjamin Moore (Wood Ash)
A warm Gray - especially with a fresh white beadboard wainscoat - is a perfect neutral background that goes with nearly every color imaginable.  Something about gray is so soothing.  This gray has just a touch of beige in the undertone - making it warm and wonderful.

Try Benjamin Moore (Revere Gray)
 Gray is great with bright colors because it doesn't fight for attention - it lets them be center stage.

A very soft light beige is also a good neutral against  bright color - and as your baby turns into a toddler and then a kindergartener - the room is neutral enough that all you need to do to update it is change fabrics and accessories...

Try Benjamin Moore (Collingwood), (Bleeker Beige) or (Edgemont Gray)
 Even though these rooms are more neutral throughout - the beige/gray will go with nearly every color and is especially lovely with pinks.

Finally, there are a lot of slightly tinted whites that will show up as a barely there color next to your white beadboard.  Just a hint of color is sometimes all that is needed in a room filled with bright fabrics. 
Benjamin Moore whites and near whites
Good Luck!


Hi, My name is Tim and I need your help with painting, please. In your blog, home decor and design, I love the first picture. Do you know the name of the paint? The link is below and I will attach a picture to this email? Also, have you use sandy hook gray?

Hi Tim,
I recently answered similar question on this photo.  Unfortunately, there wasn't information with this photo on the paint color, but I came up with a few that could be close in this post:  http://yournestdesign.blogspot.com/2012/05/asked-and-answered-finding-perfect.html
Sandy Hook Gray by Benjamin Moore is a color I am familiar with , but not one I have personally used.  It is a gray with a yellow/green/brownish undertone - almost a khaki gray.  I hope that helps.
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