SPRING FLOWERS - Chasing the blues away

It was time for a break.
I could tell by the way I had to drag myself out of bed on a Saturday
and how I was not looking forward to the dust and the disarray that has become my home...
Yup.  I had the remodeling blues.

I had planned a little outing with the girls..
and all our plans fell through, one by one.

So Mr. B came through for me and whisked me away to Rogers Gardens
and their annual spring floral displays...
I just had to share some Spring beauty with you.

Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar, CA is a hardworking, plant filled nursery
that just happens to have this amazing gift shop
and it was filled with fresh floral arrangements for their Spring event... 

it was exactly what I needed to abolish the blues
you just can't feel glum when surrounded by fresh flowers...
I think containers can really make an arrangement..
and RG has the best..
 In the indoor plant area, where their floral department is housed,
there were some pretty amazing hanging containers
filled with moss and orchids

 The flowers were so wonderful,

I almost forgot to look at the rest of the stuff...

 The displays are always beautiful...
I especially loved this glowing orb in the urn...
great idea for a wedding..

Happy Spring!
For some of you, it is long awaited!


Hi, I have painted my basement with Muslin OC-12 BM as the main color with accent walls in two rooms of Boothbay Gray HC-165, you can see both colors from the main entrance. 

Boothbay Gray (Benjamin Moore)
Muslin (Benjamin Moore)

I now have to bring the color up the stairs (narrow stairway) which opens in to the entrance way and the main floor.  White Dove OC-17 is the ceiling color.  What color would you suggest I paint the stairway  and entrance way in?
Also can you suggest complementary colors that go with these colors as accents in the rooms?
Another question I have two bedrooms that I have painted with Muslin and an accent wall of Carolina Gull 2138-40 in both rooms, what colors can I use for accents for pillows, wall hangings to add some nice warm colors?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Michelle, I would refrain from changing your paint color for each new area as it tends to chop up your space and make it feel disjointed and disconnected.  I would simply take the Muslin up the stairs and into the entryway, keeping the ceiling the same color.

As for accents with Carolina Gull, Boothbay Gray and Muslin - Both are quite neutral but Carolina Gull and Boothbay are the stronger of the three colors.  As they are neutrals, there are many colors that will go well as accents.  Metals - you name it, it will go.  Gold, Silver, Black or Bronze - all work well.
Colors:  Light soft grey, mustard, orange, gold, reds, turquoise, aqua, cream, beige, tan, white and all the wonderful wood tones.  That's the beauty of neutrals - they go with just about anything!  You just have to pick your favorite!

Good luck!




There is something charming about them...
and lately I've been seeing projects with shutters - both old and new

like cabinets made with them..

and using vintage shutters as wall art.

I thought I'd share a few of my finds here and see if they inspire you...
because I'm looking at shutters in a whole new way

(great patio table... but needs better legs)

plant holders...

cupboard doors


accent table

inside window accents

wall art

garden screen


sofa table

extra large desk (needs glass on top)

jewelry organizer

instant door charm


wall covering


bulletin board

wall accent

kitchen island

Who knew you could do so many things with shutters?


Jason Barbiaux commented on your blog post
Our carpet is a very light brown. We are looking at furniture and one of the sectionals that we really like is pewter. What color can we paint the walls to tie those 2 together?

I love the combination of grays and beige/browns.  I've included some photos so you can see its pleasing palette. Combine that with some fresh whites and creams and you have a great neutral combination to which nearly any accent color can be added. 

I don't have a photo of your room, so can't recommend a color - but you can see that both grays and beige-grays look very good, as well as some taupes.  Use these photos as guidelines.  I like the idea of adding a lighter area rug to bring in a fresher feel, and white trim on the walls or windows always looks good with the gray tones.
Good Luck!


Good morning...I found your blog on-line (Exploring Wallcolor 2011) and have the same question another reader had regarding historic colors for a new Craftsman-style home. I really don't care for the strong greens, yellows and reds. Any suggestions in the gray, greige, soft green, soft blue gray tones? Sorry...no pic available...only drawings at this point.
Sharon K. Pardue

There are so many gorgeous colors in that palette - where to start?  You have a new home in the craftsman style - it isn't the same as trying to restore a period home and remaining true to the colors of the period, but you can remain true to the craftsman aesthetic - nature.  If you pay homage to the nature inspired feel, you have many colors you can choose from in a more current palette.  You may want to have some wood tones, some natural stone, and the rest can be soft and soothing.  Use colors that make you feel comfortable and ones you can live with for a long time.  Here are some of my favorites from that palette...

DRY SAGE - Benjamin Moore

AGANTHUS GREEN - Benjamin Moore

BRANDON BEIGE - Benjamin Moore


GRAY HORSE - Benjamin Moore

GRAY WISP - Benjamin Moore


ROCKPORT GRAY - Benjamin Moore

THUNDER - Benjamin Moore

COTTSWALD - Benjamin Moore

ASHLEY GRAY - Benjamin Moore

RAINWASHED - Sherwin Williams

SEA SALT - Sherwin Williams

MUSHROOM - Sherwin Williams

SVELTE SWEDE - Sherwin Williams

Good luck on your color choices!


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