The clock that followed me home...

After the water damage
we finished a few other projects...
like a revamp of the family room fireplace
from this...

to this

The old mantel came with the house and I actually received a lot of compliments for it - a lot of people loved it.  I didn't hate it, but the Hubs disliked it intensely.  He's more traditional in his style, so that surprised me a bit.  We lived with it for over 10 years and decided to change it while everything was already a construction zone.  I designed a simpler surround and used a herringbone stone mosaic that matched the hearth area, which we didn't change.  Now I can't imagine why I didn't change it sooner - but it was way down on the list of things that needed to be done...you know... THE LIST.
That dang list just seems to get longer and longer!

I was soon off on another trip to Utah - this time for fun...
because after water damage - you need some fun!
and this time with the Hubs, which was even more fun!

Running around Salt Lake we stopped at a few of our favorite antique shops
and there was this clock...

It said, 'bring me home...'
or maybe it said 'you need me'
hard to tell exactly, as I don't speak fluent clock,
but the gist was the same.

So the clock came home to stay...
We arranged for it to be shipped via some guys truck coming to California...
and he delivered it to the wrong address - the right house number but the wrong street..
Barbi and her husband nearly had themselves a nice antique clock...
but we finally figured out where it had landed and The Hubs and Rob (friend and neighbor) rolled it home.

It was much bigger in our house than it looked in the huge warehouse where I discovered it. Taller than my 8' ceilings, so that narrowed down the possible places it could be placed.  I could put it in my bedroom as I have a vaulted ceiling there - but it has a definite tick-tock going on and bongs pretty good on the hour - 
so, no.  
That left the living/dining room area - also vaulted - 
but also occupied by the even taller french clock we found several years ago; 
the stair landing. 
The staircase landing became its new home, but it wasn't a happy pairing with the very large, very bronze colored mirror we had there.

A few weeks later, while still trying to decide what to do about the clock/mirror situation, The Hubs brought me a photo of a mirror he fell in love with at an antique store.  It was very pretty, very old, and he loved it.  It is rare he finds something he really loves, and so it came home too.  But it was a terrible clash with the clock and so didn't solve the landing/mirror/clock problem.  I decided a little shuffling was in order. 

We moved the small antique mirror and the surrounding botanicals that were over the living room sofa to the  landing.  This mirror/botanical group and the clock seemed to get along quite well.  No name calling or face pulling.

The new mirror went over the sofa.  It was a tall mirror and it nearly reached ceiling height - which actually gave it more presence and raised the eye.  I have old chippy corbels and some framed botanicals to flank it because it is a little tall and narrow.  It definitely needs something on either side.

Which brings me to my next project...
as the clock tick tocks and bongs...
I have GOT to get the living room curtain problem solved...



and we went there to help and support

(Instagram - @Jameszilla)
His beautiful photography

his adorable face

we drove from Orange County so we could take a large box of frames for the show
We drove through Central California

no, I did not taste the Garlic Ice Cream
you would have to really love garlic...

Once in the Bay Area, we enjoyed the cooler weather, the misty fog, and the abundance of green everywhere.

I love how the coastline is so different than Southern Cal.

We stayed on the beach in Pacifica, just 20 minutes south of the city.

They have given the fog a name in San Francisco.  Its name is 'KARL'
(true story)

James decided we needed to visit Safari West

It was SO FUN

be honest, does this make my butt look big?
apparently Rhino's are big pussy cats
This one loved having his ears rubbed.
the Scarlet Ibis was very scarlet, as advertised
I think this was some type of crane



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