The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Blue and White has always been a favorite combination.
Add a little greenery, and it feels like Spring
A seagrass rug brings it down a notch from being too formal
Livable, fresh, crisp, clean, light
A classic.

Time for a reader question:

We are gut renovating our house and I need your help. Our house is long and narrow like a brownstone without windows on either side of the house. Its a traditional colonial with a lot of trim except for the kitchen and bathroom which lean towards a more contemporary feel (clean lines for easy cleaning). All windows are in the front (east) and back (west)and its an open floor plan.

My kitchen (west windows) has a light colored tile (matches BM Dune White 968) and walnut cabinets with absolute black counter tops. I understand its very dark so I picked BM Dune White 968 for walls, White Dove for trim and ceiling white for ceiling. I am not sure if this wall and trim color combination works. I was also wondering how BM Swiss Coffee walls/ White Dove Trim/white ceiling will look in the living/dining areas (transition-wise). Its so dark in the house that I want to keep the colors light and serene. Thank you so much.

Dune White is a good option but it isn't your only option.  You can add a touch of neutral color without sacrificing light and bring another layer into your beautiful new design.  Try one of these lighter colors,  some of them create their own light and will surprise you. Make sure the trim color is white enough to pop against the color you choose.  I don't think that the Swiss Coffee/White Dove combination would do that for you - they will look nearly the same in a room as their hues are very similar.


Its hard to find a color that Stonington Gray will not go well with.  Best with a nice crisp white as trim.

Benjamin Moore EDGECOMB GRAY

One of the lightest of the greige family (gray/beige)
it has a warm undertone and goes beautifully with darker wood tones.

Benjamin Moore ELMIRA WHITE
 Elmira White is in the greige family, also.  The color is off a little in the photo above.  A little more accurate in the strip below.  This color will also go beautifully with dark wood cabinets.
Benjamin Moore ELMIRA WHITE

Benjamin Moore HORIZON
 Like the thin gray line of Horizon on a misty coastal morning.  Cool and calm and the slightest undertone of blue - barely there.  Wood tone, as you can see, look amazing with this color.  A nice bright white for trim keeps it fresh and clean feeling.
Benjamin Moore SILVER CHAIN
The silver in this almost creates its own light.  A little blue in the undertone, but still a definite neutral any color will go nicely with, it is wonderful with warm and dark woods.

Benjamin Moore HALO
Barely there color, but enough to pop against fresh white.  Calm and serene and light.  Halo is one of my favorites.
Benjamin Moore GLASS SLIPPER
Glass Slipper has a definite blue undertone, but the gray in it keeps it neutral.  If you need a little color, this is a fresh clean bright choice - and the wood tones - no matter the color - go well.
Benjamin Moore GRAY TINT
The palest of grays with a touch of blue undertone.

Benjamin Moore TITANIUM
  Another truly beautiful color - creating light of its own - silvery with enough color to show well against white.
Benjamin Moore SOFT CHAMOIS
 Soft Chamois is just that - soft.  Soft color with a touch of warmth.  Gold and wood tones play very nicely with this color.  It has a sophistication all its own.

Hope that helps.  Pick 2-3 to try,  and make sure the samples you paint are large enough, and use two coats.  I like to paint onto poster board so I can move them around the room. These are all light and all neutral.  Most accent colors you choose will work with these tones.   Remember to provide adequate light - then no matter how few windows or how dark your room, you can layer your lighting to compensate without sacrificing color.  Overhead or ambient light to fill a room, task lighting over work areas, and accent or decorative lighting for beauty.

Best wishes.

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