WARM Gray?  It sounds like an oximoron.  There is the stereotype gray - that color we made by adding white to black in grade school.  Some people feel its a little boring... or depressing.... or dull...  I think it depends on how you use it, but for those of you who think gray is all the negative adjectives - meet WARM gray.  What?, you say.  Yes, add a little brown, or a little violet, or warm green as an undertone and you have an amazing gray that makes all those nasty old adjectives hide their heads in shame.... WARM.  GRAY.  Its a good thing.


Hi Claudine! I love this article and I love the color grey!  
I'm hoping you can give me some advice! My family room and kitchen is painted in Behr's Maple Glaze

(love this rusty color!!), my living room is in a warm golden color. I am looking for a warm medium grey, a creamy grey, for my entryway and hallway which runs through the center of my house connecting these rooms!

I love BM Chelsea Grey which is the color of our master BR, but it's too dark for this hallway. Any recommendations on a color that would work well with my the Maple Glaze? Is there another color you would recommend rather than grey? I look forward to your feedback. Thank you! Kim

Dear Kim,
When you said 'creamy' my mind went immediately to Sherwin Williams - they have this amazing range of grays in the creamy beige/gray range that I think you will LOVE.  First up, its ACCESSIBLE BEIGE

Sherwin Williams, ACCESSIBLE BEIGE
Creamy, and not too dark of a beige/gray.

Sherwin Williams, BALANCED BEIGE
But I also love Balanced Beige (above) and  Gateway Gray (below).  All in the greige (gray/beige range).

Sherwin Williams, GATEWAY GRAY
I'd try some samples on your walls, and then maybe a blue gray, as well, since blue is the natural complement to orange, and should look amazing near the Behr, MAPLE GLAZE you already have on your walls.
Sherwin Williams, COMFORT GRAY
Best wishes,


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