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I have the perfect remedy to a gray day - it's raining here in So. Calif. - and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure this next question is real.... two came in from the same person but were signed with different names, but it is so entertaining - I just had to answer!  

Dear Claudine, I just had my husband paint our laundry room orange. Not just "orange" but it's "orange crush" - imagine the drink and add a couple of drops of BRIGHT and that's what it is. 

It's a good size room with a closet off it and a door to the garage and door to the family room. I have seen blogs where they say how you are supposed to make your house seamless and smooth from one room to another. We have orange terracotta floors in our main living areas and master bedroom - all downstairs. Ironically no terracotta in laundry room. I wanted it to be like a warm hug when you get home and the room has no windows and is a basic walk through from garage into the rest of the house. 
Marcia Moore Design

Is this just horrible in terms that we are going to repaint the living room but not orange - maybe a light robin's egg turquoise like color with tan sofa and chair (distant future when economy wakes up and we aren't hanging on a cliff). With the light blues and tans and some maybe fushia hits of color for accent what do I do with the attached kitchen? It has a HUGE island covered in brownish patterned granite with all white cupboards. stainless steel appliances and some windows. I need to paint the cupboards and the walls are currently a peachy goldish floral which is going to go as soon as I can get rid of it. (I didn't do it) Am I just nuts or is there anyway I can make this right? Do I repaint the orange to make it calmer? 
Marcia Moore Design

What I like and what's in the magazines do not ever seem to be similar. :( What do you think? Back to the paint store? thank you so much for all your hard work and sharing your wisdom!! Lora
Tater Tots and Jello

Dear Lora,
I personally would not have chosen the brightest color of orange I could find.... but if that's what gets your juices flowing - then more power to you girl!  Design is very personal - some people LOVE color - the brighter the better.  Some need calmer hues.  Regardless of your personal preference, I usually I recommend 2-3 colors throughout your house. That is what creates the flow you speak of in your comment above - the repetition of the 2-3 colors in different combinations.  
The Decor Scene

You are planning a robins egg blue in the living room and I happen to like blue and orange together.  Add in the tan of your sofa and an abundance of white - and you have your palette.
From the Right Bank

Blue and Orange are actually complementary colors on the color wheel - they complete each other - or make the other color look its best. Finding elements with both colors, like the fabric above, will pull your design together. 
Bright Bazaar

In an orange laundry room, I'd first of all add A LOT of WHITE. 
Anna Lena Land

But accents of the robins egg blue could be added, and visa-versa for the living room - 
[did I mention Robin's Egg Blue is one of my favorite colors?]
Color Buzz

Better Homes and Gardens

add a few orange accents (pillows, fabrics, accessories) 



Addicted To Decorating

added to the background of Robins Egg blue,  

Slim Paley

 it will make both areas 'speak' to each other.

House of Turquoise

La Dolce Vita

The Glam Lamb


 For the kitchen, white may be your best friend.  
Favorite Paint Colors
If you keep the cabinets white, add color on the island

Vanilla Smoothie

in counter stools and accents

This Old House

 or on the ceiling (love the orange island here!)

use the robin's egg blue on the walls and 
add a backsplash of a morrocan blue tile, and some bright orange accents. 

Celebrating Everyday Life
don't forget the appliances as a source of color...

If you really want to immerse your kitchen in color, make the cabinets the focal point in a hue of Robin's Egg Blue,
Better Homes and Gardens

Coco Kelley

and add your orange crush accents.


the house may not be 'seamless' but it will definitely flow from one room to the next with the feeling that it all makes sense.    As for fuschia... well that just makes my head hurt.....

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