Nature is amazing.  It is a color magician, putting colors together with expert eye.  I love the collection of eggs above for that very reason.  Speckled gray, cream, beige, brown and that perfect color - robins egg blue.   Now, if I could only find paint in that color .... Oh, wait... I can!

I'm helping a reader find a color she recently saw in this post.  She wanted to know the color used on the walls in this photo below.

Colin and Justin’s Home Heist
What color paint is the serene blue bedroom...the second picture down on your post "EXPLORING WALL COLOR:  BLUE IS BACK".

The photo you refer to is from Colin and Justin's Home Heist, and the hue is described as a robin's egg blue.  No information was given as to brand or name other than that, but have no fear - I have a couple of perfectly lovely robin's egg blues to try.

There are several good examples of this color, 5 of them are below, but they are not my favorites.  I like a little softer, less bright color (like the photo you liked)

The colors above are a little too intense for what I would consider wall color.  So I researched a few of my own.  Here are my favorites, and I think closer to the color of the photo that attracted your attention.

The first is Behr paint, Mountain Haze
Behr paint (Home Depot)

 Second, Glass Slipper 
a little bluer, but oh, so beautiful!
Benjamin Moore

 Third, Palladian Blue 
just plain beautiful
Benjamin Moore, PALLADIAN BLUE

Benjamin Moore, PALLADIAN BLUE

 Fourth and final, Raindance
Benjamin Moore, RAINDANCE
Try these on your wall to see which hue is right for you.
Good luck! 

We are remodeling a ranch style house for resale. We opened the walls and as you walk in you can see the kitchen, dining room, livingroom, and entrance which we painted with SW7643 - Pussywillow, slightly darker than we expected but still nice, so we took the same color and made it 50% less color for the familyroom, hallway, and the master bedroom (looks great). I have 2 questions - we would like to warm up the other 2 bedrooms and basement with another color - maybe in the creamy tan beige family? 

In the bathroom the tile is... grays with a darker vanity and floor. Blues did not work with the tile so please suggest an easier color that complements the medium dark gray tile around the shower/tub? Maybe the same color family as above but with a little more color - maybe in the light muted gold?

Sherwin Williams Pussywillow
As you can see in this photo, the beige/tan family plays well with Pussywillow.  So I think a wall color in that range, with touch of gray in it, will still keep a good flow to your home design.  Try these warm grays and tans from Sherwin Williams (try them also in your bathroom - I'm sure one of them will blend well with the grays there):
Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige
Sherwin Williams Macadamia
Sherwin Williams Diverse Beige
Sherwin Williams Accesible Beige

Sherwin Williams Harmonic Tan
Sherwin Williams Sand Dollar
Some are a little warmer, and some have a touch of gray.  Since you are talking about a basement, I would recommend a lighter color as ceilings are generally lower and windows smaller - you will need all the light you can get.   Make sure you put some samples up on the wall before deciding, and good luck.

Good morning, What is the wall color in picture 20 ? [from post:  HELPING MARIA].  I just painted my basement a soft grey (dolphin fin - behr) and am looking for a complementary beige to paint my living room / family room. Please let me know. Thanks! Megan

 The beautiful wall color you refer to is Sherwin Williams, AMAZING GRAY.  It's a greige - or gray with a warm undertone/beige with a gray undertone.  It is also the color on the walls in the photo directly below in that post.

Sherwin Williams AMAZING GRAY

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