I like it when I get questions about a specific color.  No second guessing - they already know the color they want to use, just need a little help with the rest of the palette.  I received just such a question from this reader:

What would be the best ceiling and trim color to go with Dunn Edwards Buckskin Claudine?
Dunn Edwards, Buckskin
Dunn Edwards, Buckskin

Dear Anonymous:

I love white wood trim.  Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee is a great trim color for this hue because it is not a stark white.  As for the ceiling, you can go 50% lighter, because ceiling color is always darker than wall color due to shadows - it will probably look just a little lighter, but the trim (such as crown molding) will still show up against it. 

Buckskin is fairly neutral - blues, greens, and charcoal grays would look great with this color. This buckskin is also the perfect color to add an additional trim color, if you feel brave. 

I love this look, with white trim and black doors.

For an alternative ceiling color,  white is also good, but a soft greenish blue/gray would be lovely.  Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is perfect for a ceiling, or a light blue with its hue grayed down, such as Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments, would be beautiful.  Here are some examples of blue ceilings and tan walls with fresh white trim.

And, she added this:

What color of wood flooring would you choose, Claudine, to match this beautiful color? (Buckskin?)

Dear Anonymous:  Warm and dark - the more contrast you can show the better both products will look together.

Good luck!

It helps me, a lot, to know what wood tones you have in your home. (Remember, any information about yourself and your home you can give me will help me find the right colors for you so much easier.... With this question from a reader,  I looked up the Huron Oak and found it was a pale, light oak.
I was wondering what a good colour would be good to paint an open concept living room and kitchen with a lighter wood floor and the cupboards are going to be Huron oak.  We have a chocolate brown couch.  We are just in the process of building our house - almost at painting stage
Thanks Lindsay

Dear Lindsay,
I can only give you advice as to what I might use.  I will, actually, be doing this exact thing soon in my own home and I am choosing a neutral grayed down beige.  I don't know what your personal taste is, but I hope you like grays.  I think a soft gray or even a soft gray with blue undertones would look great with both the chocolate brown furniture and the light Huron oak cabinets and lighter flooring.   A gray with green undertones would be nice as well.  But it really boils down to this - there are hundreds of colors that would look good with the woods and furniture you describe - what colors are YOU drawn to?  What colors do you like? Here are a few examples - hopefully you will see something you love in these photos!   Good luck.

(paint is similar to Gray Owl, Benjamin Moore)

Benjamin Moore - Wedgewood Gray


House of Turquoise
Benjamin Moore - Kensington Green

Sherwin Williams - Sand Dollar
Sensational Color
Benjamin Moore - Grasshopper
Grays, Greens, Blues and Blue Greens - any many more colors - would all look good with your light oak and chocolate furniture.   Once you know the direction you want to go with color, I will be happy to help you narrow the paint color down a little.  Best wishes.

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