To make your decorating flow through your house and look pulled together and like everythng is meant to be there, you need to repeat colors throughout the rooms - 
this room is predominantly beige, with cream and soft blue accents - the next room can have the same colors with a stronger showing of blue or cream, or even a stronger hue of blue - as long as its in the same family.

Repeating the colors in your home also has the added benefit of making your furniture and accessories usable in any room in your home, if needed.
Take a good look next time you go through a model home - you will see why they look so pulled together and fabulous - the colors are repeated throughout in varying degrees and intensities.


You have given terrific advice in your blog and I'm hoping you can help me ... I am desperately trying to figure out two things:  (1) what color wall-to-wall carpeting would go with the following BM colors: Edgecomb Gray, Porcelain Glaze and I Love You Pink? We are debating between light grey and a light beige ... Help!  Any advice or insight? I'm concerned that the beige/tan will look odd in the pink room (should I get an area rug with pink to help diminish any tan?).  I have ordered the grey carpeting already and am now having second thoughts. Thank you in advance!  Lauren

Edgecomb Gray is a very light gray, with a warm undertone.  
It should look good with either carpet colors, but I can't say for sure without seeing the carpet with the paint sample.    Above is a photo with a light gray rug to give you an idea.

Edgecomb Gray - BENJAMIN MOORE

Edgecomb Gray - BENJAMIN MOORE

Its so neutral, the only real danger would be in getting a carpet a little too light and in an off tone - so that they clash a little.  But slightly or more darker shades of beige or gray should not be an issue.

Blues always look good with grays - and with beige

as do pinks:
Benjamin Moore I LOVE YOU PINK

For the pink I would choose the gray over the beige as the contrast will be better - warm vs cool.
I think you will be the best judge of the Edgecomb - 
have a look at your paint swatch next to your carpet sample... but your idea of an area rug would work the same magic there to correct a slight mismatch.
Love to see how everything turns out!
Good luck!

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