But at a certain age they don't want to be considered 'little' anymore.  What to do when your boy grows out of his 'little boy' room? 
add a little grown up style

tone down the theme-y décor
but still show his interests

make sure he has room to study...

add personal touches
incorporating the things he loves

go for a big statement

divide the room into task areas
(I like this low dresser that separates the bed from the rest of the room)

never forget he's all boy
(I love the hockey puck lamp!  What a great idea)

he's growing taller now, add height to the room

show his passions

use masculine touches
rough woods
menswear fabrics
nubby textures
bright pops of colors
 plaids and polka dots are huge this year
if he'll wear it,
it can go in his room
make it interesting
and cool
his friends are going to be in there

Hi Claudine! I am wanting to repaint my 13 year old sons bedroom and add new bedding, curtains, and furniture. I want to paint it gray, but am having a hard time with choosing the right paint color for the room. It is a basement bedroom with one window and little natural light. There is one wall with white trim work. I want to introduce a gray and white stipe duvet with pops of orange and navy blue pillows and accessories. Could you recommend a few suggestions of paint colors that would work well in this space. Thank you!!! I love your blog!

Hi Alicia!
I have to ask if you have purchased your duvet yet?  It is always much easier to find paint to go with fabric than fabric to do with paint, especially since grays have undertones. 
I love the color palette.  Gray will be fresh and beautiful, and the orange will add a vibrant and youthful pop of color.  You will have to determine the depth of color you want.  A lighter brighter gray will give you the most light.  If you do a medium gray, it will be cozier and more den like.
I will give you a couple of recommendations for both and you can try them in the room (on poster board with a good white margin around) to see which will be best.  I will also try to choose grays without noticeable undertones so it will be easier to find a duvet that goes well with it.

Benjamin Moore CLASSIC GRAY

Sherwin Williams AMAZING GRAY

Dunn Edwards/California Paints WORLDLY GRAY

Sherwin Williams PEWTER TANKARD
Good luck!  We'd love to hear how it goes!

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