There's been a lot of talk about color for 2014.
When I hear colors thrown about, like Radiant Orchid, I have to remind myself that these are 'trends' 
they are talking about.  I'm not 'trendy' per se.  
I like something that will stand the test of time - 

which is why I like a nice neutral background so that when you get tired of that trendy color - and you will - it will take only a few changes to go on to the next trendy color or a more lasting look...

This is the best way to use color:
lovely neutrals  with
pops of the color you love
creates a liveable palette
(you may or may not agree - and feel free to tell me so)

but it is exactly what Pottery Barn has been doing for years...
and what makes them so successful
Think of your home as a beautiful landscape painting...
if the background is as bold and vibrant as the foreground
you won't have any depth, it won't draw you in to its beauty
and nothing really stands out because all the values are equal. 

This is Sherwin Williams' color of the year for 2014
Exclusive Plum
contrast that with Pantone's Radiant Orchid
definitely not a neutral...
I could probably live in this for like
5 minutes...
but this is livable...
(Sherwin Williams Exclusive Plum)
Here is Benjamin Moore's color of the year

definitely livable.


Neutral doesn't mean you have to live without vibrant color
(and Radiant Orchid would fit in more as an accent color)
it just means it doesn't have to be on the walls

unless its an accent wall...
(It's wise to vary the strength of the colors you use - 
Two or three very strong and vibrant colors in a room
can create chaos instead of comfort...)
Neutral doesn't mean beige...

Neutral today is not boring like your grandma's neutrals...
and it isn't your mother's either - 
today's neutrals are true colors, 
beautiful colors, that have been taken down a notch  - 

grayed down to become more livable and to serve as a backdrop

for beautiful woods
 for your carefully chosen furniture

for those textures and patterns you love

not to outshine them...
but to let them shine.

So when you think of the color you want in a room - don't automatically think it has to start with wall color .  Go a little more subtle in your wall choice.
Then add those 2014 colors they are talking about - or a few of your own -
and you still have a room you can live in

and one that will endure the trends.

If you do get tired of the color du jour
you can change it
your neutral backdrop will allow any color to come and play...


Hello Claudine
I would like to paint my living room a colour that will show off my dark brown furniture and will also go with Benjamin Moore Honeymoon which I have painted the dining room which can be seen from living room.  
My walls are a taupe presently and the wood floor is dark oak.  The room gets a fair amount of light. 

Would you be able to help me with some suggestions on colour. 
Thank you
Benjamin Moore HONEYMOON
Pat, judging by what you have, I'd say neutrals would be your best bet to be harmonious with the Honeymoon.   These colors go well with dark brown and the warm dark oak flooring because they are a little on the cool side.  They allow the wood tones and the warm browns to shine.
Try out some of these:
Benjamin Moore MOUNTAIN LANE

Benjamin Moore GRECIAN GREEN


Benjamin Moore SEA HAZE

Benjamin Moore PLATINUM GRAY
Good Luck!

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