Color can alter the look and feel of a room

and if you love color,
a little bit may not be enough to create the look and feel you crave

To those that truly love color, a pop isn't always enough.  

True color lovers need to be immersed in it, surrounded by it, wrapped in it.

Decide how you want to use color in your room.

All over color, or just an accent wall

With color, paint isn't your only medium - 
fabric can play a huge part in your color scheme

Choose color that speaks to you
you will be coming in and out of this room for many years

so choose colors you won't tire of easily

Our response to color is emotional.  It isn't concious, its a reaction.

Sometimes its not a good reaction. For example, when I see a certain shade of mint green, I think of hospitals.  It makes me shudder.   

My husband's happy place is in the red zone.  He's drawn to red.  He wears red.  He could live in red.   Red makes him happy.  

What color are you drawn to?  And what color makes you cringe?


Hi,  I absolutely love my SW Luau green walls- they just make me happy. 

 I added this beautiful floral rug and love the purple pop and how it looks leading into my sunroom.  I thought an orange window treatment would look nice, but apparently it was the wrong orange.  Every green window treatment I find is wrong too.  Could you recommend a window treatment for this space?  Perhaps I just need to get used to the idea that the luau green may need to go. :( Kate Kappes

Hi Kate,
Sometimes colors that should play well together, don't.  Usually its just a question of intensity.  You have strong color on the wall, and strong colors in the rug.  Adding another area of strong color starts a little war... all of them vying for your attention at once leads to chaos.  Your eye doesn't know where to look first.  If I were doing this room, I would do full length white or cream draperies at the window and the french door, and a woven wood valance over the window between the two curtain panels.... kind of like this.  

Going neutral with cream or white allows all those lovely colors to take center stage and gives your eye a place to rest.  The woven wood blinds add texture and warmth.   This way, you get to keep the color you love!   Hope it helps.
Best wishes,

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