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    Sometimes subtlety is the order of the day.  When white is wanted, it doesn't have to be boring, or even very 'white'.  White, like gray or beige or blue, comes in many varieties.  

    Benjamin Moore's 'Whites'
    There are over 100 hues of white paint by Benjamin Moore, and most paint companies also boast a good collection of whites.   Like Gray, it seems, every color has a 'white'.  

     There are warm whites, peachy whites, yellowish whites, and pinkish whites. 
    There are creamy tones and icy tones

    There are bluish and greenish whites and stark bright white whites 
    And beige-y whites, like Navajo white.

    Cloud White (Benjamin Moore)
    Marscapone (Benjamin Moore)

    Pointing (Farrow and Ball)

    China White (Benjamin Moore)

    Warm Whites - Benjamin Moroe




    Sherwin Williams CREAMY - perfect for kitchen cabinets

    A few good whites.... and while they don't look too white here, they are white on the walls and woodwork...
    Linen White (Benjamin Moore), Pointing (Farrow and Ball), Dover White (Sherwin Williams), White Dove (Benjamin Moore), Du Jour (Valspar), Swiss Coffee (Behr), Alabaster (Sherwin Williams).


    Hi Claudine, What a wonderful site - I have already shared it with friends who have also become fans. I did not expect to write you, especially as I am almost done with my remodel - um - experience. Master bath/bedroom painted in BM Jet Stream blue (#814). Subway tiles in bathroom are Lowes white. Did not mind too much that contractor (nice man) took it upon himself to paint trim without consult,. He is using HD's "White". That's it. "White". ?? It is quite bright, just this side of stark. Turns bedroom too much into nursery. I do like a fresh, clean look, but it probably needs to be creamier? Yet, the white is not too bad in bathroom, also Jet Stream as backdrop to Lowes white subway tile. To use a creamy white in bath may look 'off'. Bathroom vanity will be painted same color as trim, which will be a whole lot of bright white. Any ideas are welcome. (hope it is OK I am hijacking this post - do not see how to submit otherwise). In any case - you do have a wonderful site!  Randy.

    Thank you Randy.  You have excellent taste!
    And you are no shrinking violet when it comes to color.  Jet Stream is a good strong blue, and I can see what you mean when you say that adding too much white makes it start to look a little 'nursery'.  
    Jet Stream Blue (Benjamin Moore)

    I have a couple of suggestions.   You have white tile, and I don't think I mind the white trim in the bedroom if you bring it all back down to earth with a little weight - frames, accessories, perhaps a furniture piece or two in a black or very dark brown.  



     It will make it much more 'adult' and much less nursery with the addition of the heavier, darker accents.

    In the bathroom, instead of white for the vanity, dark brown or black.  



    An alternative would be to forego the white trim altogether and try a medium toned gray molding.

    I agree that too creamy a white could look off next to bright white tile, but try White Dove, which is a cool but not stark white (Benjamin Moore) to see how it looks.

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