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A few simple rules to choosing exterior paint color - 
Consider the roof color when choosing your new color -  Roof color should be darker than the house color - Make the door stand out with a darker or bright color - Accent the trim and architecture of the house with a contrasting or complimenting color - take into consideration size as a dark color will make a small house look smaller.   
Hello Claudine,
I love your blog. Amazing insight into color and design. I have just bought a home with a green tile roof. It currently is white. I am in love gray but feel that I need to get a gray with a green undertone. The home is big and I don't want to do it too dark as I am afraid of it appearing almost sinister

The three central palms will be cut down as they are very close to the home and  afford vermin an entry. We are in Florida and bugs and rodents love Sabal Palms. ( I HATE cutting them down but there is no other choice)

What do you think of Copley gray as a body, Kendall Charcoal as an accent ( my favorite gray) , Space Black as the door and ??White Dove for the pillars.

There are details above the windows "boxes" that I saw as Kendall as well.

Rita, I do like Copley gray and also Kendall Charcoal as an accent.  *(I love it too!).    I don't know the shade of green you have on your roof.  It looks dark, and if it is dark, these should work perfectly.  The roof should always be the darker/heavier color.   Otherwise, you end up looking like this, where the values are so similar it looks odd...

I would find a way to add white to more than just the columns.  White freshens and highlights architectural details.   In fact, a grayish house with a green roof can look a little blah without the contrast of white and the pop of charcoal and black.
I can't help but think that this would be so much more striking with charcoal eaves and white or charcoal window trim.

 Here is roughly the look - although this is a little lighter than Copley Gray.  White trim, dark door, and charcoal accents.  I would just make sure you have some of those white accents - not just on the columns - to freshen the look.
Your door and entry way has great possibilities for a real eye catching treatment.  Consider something like this, with more white to draw the eye.


Another example, [this is Copley Gray].

It lacks the charcoal accent but you can picture the effect with dark door and charcoal touches, and also see that the roof would have to be a dark green to balance the strength of the color.

I don't think a darker house would necessarily look sinister.   If it has a healthy dose of white trim it would offset any darkness you would feel, and could look very dramatic.   

All of this, of course, depends on the shade of green of your roof, and your personal preferences.
Rita, I chose to answer your question here because I felt you had already made good choices.  If you still have questions, please email me and I will address them on a fee basis.

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