Former home of Michael Jackson, Los Angeles, California

Yes, I'm as guilty as any of you...
I love to look at other people's homes, especially celebrity homes.
One of my favorite blogs is Hooked On Houses where you get to peek into beautiful celebrity 
and non-celebrity and even fabulous movie set homes on a regular basis.

So, I thought I'd take you on my own little tour and share my guilty pleasure, 
because I'm always amazed at how 'ordinary' celebrities turn out to be.  
Like this house - home to Harrison Ford.
 Since these homes were on the 'market' its entirely possible that these have been staged.
 It certainly feels like there is little celebrity personality present.
It's a pretty home, but just didn't scream 'celebrity' to me.  

This next home has more personality
and definitely more color - owner Heidi Klum.

Huge master suite - 
 - in colors bright enough to keep you awake...

Liked the interesting ceiling and the wall of french doors 
and the massive stone fireplace...

but found the kitchen is lacking in personality
perhaps its been staged?

another vivid 'no slumber' room

and apparently the large windows didn't let in enough light, 
so they tried to create their own sunshine.
A very masculine bathroom
Truth be told, I don't know if she chose these colors or bought the house like this...
I think I could have put up with having a few rooms to redecorate if my
back yard looked like this!

This next celebrity home owner was a surprise.  It has a lovely living room and well appointed furnishings -

and is the home of Hilary Duff.  
I like this comfortable room, 
and love the romantic courtyard below

so the kitchen came as a surprise -
pretty industrial looking - I would never have guessed it was in the same house..
great skylight and beams, though.
that light fixture has to be one of a kind....

and the home itself is lovely.

Still having a hard time picturing that kitchen in this home...

This next home is  Howie Mandel's residence
(or former residence, seeing as these were on the Real Estate market)

A warm inviting living room.

and a nice white, spacious kitchen. 
Love the planked ceiling.  
It looks like they have a killer view.

Don't you love looking at houses?


Hi Thank you for all the lovely paint recommendations. Unfortunately American paint brands are not available where I live. Would you please recommend equivalent shades of paints in ICI Dulux paint codes? I like the greys, greyish beige, greys with a green tone and beiges (no red undertones please). I rather like this particular shade of beige but perhaps a tone lighter. Would you know the Dulux equivalent?

I would like to email you my questions but cannot find a email address on your blog. I am not sure this is the right place to ask. 
Many thanks! 

Yes, perfectly fine to ask here.  I think that the Dulux colors are the same as Glidden paint available here in our Home Depot stores, but probably have different names.  So, I did a search of the Dulux colors, and these are the closest color (colours?) I could find to the photo above and the shades you mentioned you liked - in the ICI Dulux color palette.  Some may seem a little dark, but you can ask for 50% (or half) color or 25% or quarter color and get lighter versions.  Make sure you get the sample pots to dry on your wall first.

Dulux BEIGE ROYAL full strength

Dulux BEIGE ROYAL\half




 These are actually showing up on my computer a little darker than the actual color, so don't rely on the computer for accuracy.  Always, always, try it on your wall.  If it is in the correct family and it comes out a little dark - just ask for a lighter version.

Good luck!


Maureen said...

Love your blog and your photos!! You always have such great (and helpful) info to share with your readers :-)

At least 95% of the celebrity homes on the market are staged ... most celebrities prefer to move out and then have the home staged with rented furnishings. Still it's fun to see their homes!

Claudine Barnett said...

Thanks Maureen - yeah, I figured as much - still some of the color choices were interesting and def not staged! Ha! Fun to look!


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