When you buy a previously owned home, you buy that owner's taste in color and surface materials.
Sometimes you are lucky, and its a neutral you can live with for a while
but sometimes, you can't wait to make changes...
 just like my reader:

We are in escrow and buying the home noted below.  We need to repaint the entire house cause the current homeowners used mint green and peach.  GROSE!

I have enclosed a picture of the front room and entry.

Also  a picture of the kitchen.  The granite does have a peach vein running through it with the black.  We hate the back splash and cabinets in the kitchen... may reface the cabinets but thought if we found a good warm neutral color we could use throughout the house, it would be a good starting place.  I was thinking about one of the gray's you posted... What about Autumn fog or flint smoke?  Any other suggestions would be great.  The "bones" of the house are good, decorating now is not so good.  
Thanks in advance!  Shanna

Hi Shanna,
So a warm neutral gray is what you are looking for, and I think it would show very nicely in that nice entry with the high ceilings... and in the living room and kitchen area as well.

You asked about Autumn Fog and Flint Smoke, both by Valspar and available at your local Lowes.

I like both of these colors, with a blue undertone, although for a 'throughout the whole house' color I would go a little lighter - maybe the Silver Gray.
Autumn Fog is a little dark on the walls, which is okay in a powder room or bathroom, but might be oppressive over the whole house.

Sherwin Williams has been winning my affection of late with their gray palette and any of them would make a beautiful neutral background.
Essential Gray

Gray Screen

Mindful Gray

Versatile Gray

Wordly Gray
Agreeable Gray
Good luck!

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