The world has been having a love affair...
with Gray/Grey

I get more questions, more search queries and more blog views on the subject of Gray / Grey
than any other subject.
So I thought we'd analyze a few rooms to see what makes a successful design using Gray / Grey
I have my own theory, of course.
I believe every rooms need contrast to make it interesting and beautiful.
Contrast in color, in texture, or in styles.
With Gray, especially.
Without the contrasts, it can turn a little cold
or a little drab
or depressing...
but you won't find that in any of these rooms:

 A deep dark gray needs a little relief and a lot of contrast.
In this monochromatic room, the light furniture, rug and white trim
provide the contrasts that make this room work.

What are the contrasts?
Rough vs Smooth:   basket style chandelier / marble coffee table and glass
Dark vs Light:  Wall color, floor color / painted trim, furnishing
Hard vs Soft:  Metal furniture / sofa, window shades, pillows
Cool vs Warm:  Color palette / warm woods

In the absence of an accent color, the green touches help add a little pop of color.

Not a gray room,
even though the walls wear that color.
(love those beautiful panels)
The palette of black, white and magenta takes center stage.
The wood floor and pop of color adds warmth.
The black drama.
The chandelier - sparkle.
Do you see the contrasts?

Gray barn doors, furniture and rug play in the gray world
with the grayed down green on the walls a soothing background
the white and dark brown add the needed contrast

this kitchen can handle a stronger tone on the wall
due to white cabinets, ceiling and trim.
The added warmth of the wood, woven seats and copper lighting fixtures
keeps it from feeling cold or sterile

at last, a pop of color!
Soft light gray walls
dramatic contrasting black
and a pop of acid green and soft blue/green
and a little reflective touch in the mirror and stainless lamps

if this room seems all one tone to you, take a second look at the contrasts
reflective surfaces, dark floor and wood trim on the chairs, white lampshades, fireplace and furnishings.
Soft and hard.
Dark and light.
Warm and cool.
Its all there, just more subtly so.

Did you find you were drawn immediately to wall color in any of these photos?
A successful room shouldn't scream 'wall color', but be a lovely backdrop.

Did you find a room you thought more beautiful than others?
What drew you to it?
Color?  Style? Contrast?

Did I get you thinking?

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