CURB APPEAL: What is it?

What constitutes curb appeal?  

the white picket fence?

a welcoming entrance?

well maintained walkways?

the landscaping or the colorful flower beds?

a certain charm and pride of ownership?

is it the architecture?

the manicured trees and shrubs?

the window boxes?

does your home's color factor into the mix?

what about the trim color?

or the entry/door?

Or is it simply a mix of all or most of these?

I fell in love with one or more aspects of all of these homes - how about you?

Hi,  I hope I've reached the expert who can assist me in selecting a paint color for my new home.  The color the builder used doesn't suit us at all and unfortunately I have no choice but to repaint.  UGH! Trouble is, I can't find the right color for our stucco home.  I can't afford to make another mistake.  Can you help?  I can send a home exterior photo with the offending color if that works.   If this is a professional service, please let me know about your fee structure.  Many thanks. Cheryl Howard

Dear Cheryl,
I'm always happy to help with a color question, and you can determine if you need more than the 'free' advice.  I will need a photo and some direction in your color preferences. Send to your-nest@hotmail.com

In the meantime, enjoy this post on curb appeal!

Best wishes.


Mary said...

Love the pics! I think sometimes it's the lighting from INSIDE the home that gives a house curb appeal! Soft and cozy.... let me in!

Claudine Barnett said...

Mary, you are so right. Love that thought!


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