beige-y gray?   or gray-ish brown?  


whatever you prefer to call it, the effect is the same
and the perfect background for the beautiful trappings of a room

Benjamin Moore DAVENPORT TAN
Greige is a blend of gray and beige, brown or taupe.  In this case, a gray with a brown undertone
Some call it a 'warm' gray.

and in this case, a beige with a gray undertone.  
A cool beige.

but just as wonderful as a deep dark gray/taupe

Its hard to find a color that DOESN'T look good with Greige.  


HI Claudine... I need your help!
I am remodeling our kitchen/family room , and I  picked out creamy buttery cabinets for the kitchen with  ivory  granite( its has some light-ish gray and small specs of espresso) .   The island is an espresso color cabinet. ( the same ivory granite would  be on the island) . I want to modernize  the feel and am using brush nickel knobs for the doors.
My question is , I want to use a gray color on the walls (nothing that can turn gray or blue)  in the kitchen/ family room , but would like a beige-y wall accent color.  I have a large wall behind the TV. Or if you have another suggestion ?
I want to keep the feel light and modern and also have a taupe sofa that I bought to go in family room.
My original decor is very mediterranean , and I just want to get rid of that feel.
...I would like BEHR/Glidden paint for your suggestion...
Thank You so much!! I live in Tampa Florida
love your blog and pictures by the way....

Hi Juanita, A little confused on wanting a gray that doesn't turn gray...?   but I'll go with the no blue undertone and suggest beautiful BEHR Dolphin Fin, or beige BEHR Castle Path.   

BEHR Dolphin Fin
Home Depot
BEHR Dolphin Fin
BEHR Castle Path
Young House Love
BEHR Castle Path
A Thoughtful Place
A deeper tone - BEHR Ashes or Ashwood.   
BEHR Ashes
A Well Dressed Home
BEHR Ashwood
If you want a beige accent wall, the beige-r BEHR Koala Bear is great.
BEHR Koala Bear
On the Cheap American Dream

 With these choices to try, you are sure to find one that is modernizing for you!

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