Welcome to the world of gray.
And I do mean world.
For it seems there are endless grays
and gray no longer means the color of cement

 Because of gray, 
the world of color is more soothing,
more gentle
and more livable.
When it comes to wall color, that is most desirable

Wall color should become the background -
a well behaved part of the design
It should not shout at you
or steal the limelight
(some wall colors have no manners at all.)

 and, yes, there are always exceptions to the rule....
but generally a design works best if you start with neutrals
and layer the color palette as you go...

and a grayed down version of any color turns that color into a neutral.

It is not always easy to see the genesis of the wall color you select.
Some are obvious.
 Others, puzzling.  

Some turn a definite color in incandescant light
and another completely different one in natural daylight.

Some are chameleons.
 For this reason, always try a sample on your wall first....
see how it lives in your home and your light..
but it sometimes helps to know the base of your gray.

Here's an easy way to find out what undertone your gray has. 
Find your color on the paint strip and follow it down to the darker colors on the strip. 
You can usually see a definite blue, purple, brown or green tone.  

 If you are still having difficulty, go to the strip on the left and the strip on the right and compare them.  The strip directly before and the strip directly after will help you see where your color falls - some have more blue, red, green or yellow -  some are blue leading into the greens, but you will be able to see in the dark tones the color that is hidden in the lighter tones on the strip.

 Nearly every color can become a gray. 

When you are choosing  a color for your wall, take the color you love and gray it down a little.  Or a lot.
 It makes it ultimately more liveable, easier on the eye, and more neutral.  
Neutrals, and especially the grays,  go with just about everything. 

Perfect for your room.

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