Interior Decorating is primarily about color.  Color that defines a space, color that accents a space, color to create a mood, color to enhance architectural details, color to create interest, color for contrast.  Color to create flow from room to room and make sense of it all.... to bridge the gap so to speak...

I recently received this question from a reader:

Please help! Wish I had stumbled on your blog before. I am so challenged in decorating and color selection. Many many hours spent with questionable results. I just redid my kitchen, with merlot cabinets, brown granite that has grey/cream tones in it and the floor was a terra cotta toned tile. The kitchen wall flows into the entry way/ family room. I just painted the family room/entry with Benjamin Moore Stone House.

 The walls have white wainscoting and crown moldings. The furniture in brown leather couch and medium brown wood furniture. There is carpet in the room that is a medium beige. To complicate this a bit, the room to the back of the house is separated by a crown molding archway with a step down to a sun room with the dining area that was painted a pale cool yellow. I can get to that room next if painting is required but I can't seem to find a color to paint the kitchen with the wall that flows into the entry/family room space. You have such a gift. Welcome any suggestions.

First off, I've been super busy with my design clients, so I apologize for making you wait so long for an answer.  I have to catch up on my blog questions!  [If you have asked a question and have not received an answer, be patient - its coming.] 

To bridge the Stone House and your natural beige/grey/tan tones of your home with the light yellow of the sun room, I would go with one of the following palettes.  The blue/grey Quiet Moments in the first palette compliments the beige/gray Stone House and the warmer yellow (for illustration purposes I used Hawthorne Yellow for the yellow in your sunroom, but any soft light yellow would work with these colors).

You can also use a grey/green like Benjamin Moore's Green Tint.

 You can also use a light warm gray, such as Revere Pewter.

If the first palette's blue gray is a little too blue for you, try just a hint of blue in this light gray, Full Moon by Benjamin Moore

I hope that helps!
Best wishes.

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