I have lately been exploring the world of the terrarium - 
It would be the perfect thing to put near my kitchen window.
They bring nature and the garden right to your face - and they are beautiful!

First I wanted to know if I could keep them alive...
I'm the Great Houseplant Killer in my family...
Don't leave one in my care.  

Refinery 29
They do seem easy to care for, requiring only sporadic, minimal water 
as they create their own little microclimate in their container
and the glass (especially if it has a lid) creates a greenhouse effect.

They need bright indirect light, but not direct sunlight as that, combined with the glass container, 
would fry them quickly.
My kitchen window looks out onto a covered patio - no direct sun - the perfect spot.
I have plenty of glass containers to try, but not all have lids, 

and a lid seems to allow more control of the terrarium environment.
If the glass fogs up a little and there is too much moisture - 
removing the lid for a minute or two can correct it.  

Centro Garden
Put it back on when the fog is gone and it prevents further evaporation 
making it possible to go for long periods without adding moisture.

Then I saw these solutions for containers without lids...
Glass orb... great idea!
Zest it Up
wooden disk with a knob -
problem solved!

Better Homes and Gardens
Here's a link from Better Homes and Gardens on how to make them 
and a tutorial from Martha Stewart...if you'd like to join me in this experiment. 

For more beautiful inspiration, here's a link to my Pinterest board Terrariums and Topiaries.

If you have tried these small world gardens with success, I would love to hear about it!


Hi there,
I have oak kitchen cabinets in a kitchen/ dining room in one.  The dining room table and hutch are oak as well.  I need a suggestion for a paint colour to bring out the set.  The oak isn't really light, yet not too dark.  I have lots of light coming in from dining area.  Can you suggest a colour for the walls and drapery?  It is painted a sage green and I would like to make a change.  The trim is white and I want to leave the trim the same  ( counter top has different brown in it)  I look forward to hearing from you

Carol | 

Hi Carol,

To bring out a warm color - go the polar opposite.  Try a cool gray toned color.  For example, the opposite on the color wheel to red, is green.  The opposite of orange, is blue.  The opposite of yellow, is purple.  Red, orange and yellow are warm colors, and their opposites, or the colors that bring out their best, are cool colors (green, blue and purple).  You have lived with green for a while and want a change, so I would try a gray with a blue or purple undertone to bring out the warm tones of your wood.  

You can go gray and try these with a blue or purple undertone.

BM Abalone (Purple)

BM Pebble Beach (Blue)

BM Rockport Gray (smidge of Purple)

BM Eternity (Blue)
BM Sandlot Gray (Purple)
BM Wet Concrete (Purple)

Or you can go color and try these with a gray undertone.

BM Pleasant Valley

BM Slate Blue

BM Mauve Desert

BM Victorian Mauve


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