Growing up in different parts of the world, 
the laundry room was a space in the garage 
or the unfinished basement. 

My mother only used the dryer in the Winter or when it rained.
She liked the smell of laundry hung on a line in the sunshine.  
That was my job - hanging them out and when dry, taking them down and folding them.
Growing up, we never had a 'laundry room'.    

Now that I do have one
I have put off decorating it to the very last.
Mine isn't large.
More galley-like than actual room.
There is some storage, but no sink.
It has a small window.
And almost enough room to turn around.
Its going to be a challenge to make it inviting.
so I'm seeking inspiration today...

There's not a lot of opportunity for cute in a laundry room.
Generally speaking they are utilitarian
small areas with large ugly appliances
and few areas for display.
Hard areas too.
By hard I mean hard surfaces.
Not a lot of softness, unless the laundry that week is particularly large....

Still, many of you manage to inject a lot of design into a small package.
I've been inspired by these photos of completely cute laundry rooms.

This is super cute if your washer and dryer take up space in a kitchen...
hide them!

Love the sink.  I don't have one, or the space for one in my galley style laundry, but if I did, I'd put this sconce over it!  Front loading machines allow for a nice tidy countertop - and the laundry is a good place for marble!

My laundry room is also a storage area.  I have cabinets above and a long floor to ceiling cabinet to the side of my machines.  Its where the light bulbs, cleaning products and tissue gets stored.  My isn't nearly as organized or as cute at this.  Love the tissue storage in the baskets.

If only.... 
Big room, lots of storage, cool floor.

Even a closet laundry can have style.
Love this stainless steel backsplash.

Gray cabinets.  I love gray cabinets.
 Fresh white subway tile walls and basket storage
Looks great!

I love everything about this little laundry area.
Especially the high wainscoat beadboard.

'Loads' of charm, too.

More gray - seems to be a great color for a laundry room!
Planked ceiling and paneled walls
and a great warm wood butcher block counter
I love this room

Oodles of style here.
This is the second room I've seen with only one machine...
Does it do both, do you think?

Well, yes... there is such a machine. 
 This one is by LG.
Customers seem to like it, although it can take up to six hours to do a load...
If I changed to this machine - I could add that sink....

Ah, here's my dream laundry,
windows galore,
big counter, sink, french door and a bench...
and super cute horizontal paneling

Another tight little spot with lots of style

A stone veneer wall takes laundry up a notch

I'd guess a big family - 
If you need two of each and a sink large enough to bathe
a St. Bernard...

Corrugated metal wall - rustic cuteness.
Glass cannisters for the suds - adorable.
Laundry sign - LOVE it.

Kind of crazy about the baskets...

Drama with the dark planked wall...
I need to find a space for hangers in my laundry room...

Simple and sweet.

Strong wall color prevents boredom in this room...

Great idea

White and bright
and I love the table - wish I had room for one!


Hello. Hoping you can help. Our new farmhouse is done in warm, rich historic shades of green, golden ecru and olde forge mustard with cottage white trim. We are now finishing our basement. I used BM revere pewter thinking a lighter color for the basement. It doesn't flow with the rest of the colors. I'm looking for some color inspiration. 
Please help!
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REVERE PEWTER is a truly gorgeous color, but lacking that gold undertone that would blend well with the greens and golds you already have in your home.   It is a cool tone,a gray with a beige undertone. Here are a few lighter colors that will probably blend better, having a little more warmth in them to go with your rich tones.  If you want to stay on the lighter side, you can still bring in those rich tones in the furniture, fabrics and accessories.

Muslin by Benjamin Moore is a nice neutral some warmth and less gray than the Revere Pewter.  

Benjamin Moore SHAKER BEIGE is a soft warm beige/tan

Good Luck!

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