there is an art to it
there is skill involved in making a home comfy, casual, comfortable

and still beautiful

because there isn't one of you out there who secretly wishes for an unattractive home

it starts with color
and restraint
color is great - especially when you know the colors you love
or the colors that make you feel good
or the colors you prefer to wear

Before you choose the wall color, you should have a good idea
of the other colors you want to live with...

take some time on this
you will be living with them for quite a few years...

Start with color..
but there is no need to hit someone over the head with it
the minute they walk in your door

Decorating is all about layers - and I like to start those layers with subtlety -
with background color -

something a little more quiet
that adds to the overall design but doesn't wave flags at you and say

"Hey, Look At Me!  I'm the Wall Color!!!"

Color is tied to our heartstrings...
and because color is emotional
choose it carefully
decide the atmosphere you want in your home...

if you want easy care, 
the kind of room you can put your feet up and relax
nothing fussy
then choose colors that make you feel comfortable and relaxed

if you like a soothing, calm, spacious, comfortable feel to a room
choose a grayed down color
a gray, a blue or green or beige with gray undertones

If  you prefer fresh, spacious and uncluttered -
clean lines, bright rooms -

find a white, or the barest whisper of a color
for your walls

If you like cozy,
go with warm tones

they tend to move toward you - making a room feel warmer, 

cozier and comfy

Something a little more dramatic appeal?
Use high contrasts,
deep colors

or accent walls

It all starts with wall color - 
and wall color starts with a plan in mind...
but that's another post for another day...



You'll see by these photos that this room needs help. It was supposed to be a formal dining room but we're not formal people. 
We just won and mounted the TV. It's up high to allow room for the computer. I thought of spraying the computer stand black? 

The piano is going away to make space for a new couch. Have not picked out a couch yet. Would like something that people would want to curl up on and watch a movie.

I would like suggestions on wall color, couch style, and anything else. Budget is nominal. I'm not a fan of gray because it feels rather cold to me. I did see a Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue that appealed. I've also see a happy Robin's egg blue (but paler, not intense) on a site somewhere. It was R.E.Blue on the top half and white on the bottom half, set off by burlap, full-length curtains and a white couch. We have three kids so the color white is a no-go. The rest of the house is soft-contemporary. This room is the first room people see when entering from the foyer so I don't want to go crazy with a teal ceiling (although I thought one was cool that I saw). Thanks for your help and I hope your mom & sister are doing okay.
Thank you for your kind wishes... sadly my mom passed away at nearly 97 - after living a long and full life.  My sister is still struggling with her illness.  Good days and bad.  Life in a nutshell. :)

The warm tan on your walls has too much warm tone for its size.  Warm tones tend to move toward you - making your room 'feel' smaller.  So I would recommend a cool tone neutral and then warm it up with fabrics and accessories.

Not all grays are cold.  The most popular gray tones actually have a beige or brown undertone, making them 'warm grays'.  Whatever color you decide on, I would recommend choosing a tone of that color that is 'grayed down' - or is the gray version of that color
having that gray base makes is a cooler and more soothing tone, 
and also makes the room feel larger

Benjamin Moore's Van Courtland Blue has a definite gray undertone
but may be a little too dark for your space - we don't want it to feel cave-like...


Here are some blue grays to consider...
I hope you find one you fall in love with!
Benjamin Moore PALADIAN BLUE
Benjamin Moore QUIET MOMENTS
Benjamin Moore BEACH GLASS
Benjamin Moore SILVER GRAY
Best of luck!

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