WHITE KITCHEN WITH GRAY WALLS - looks so much better than it sounds

looks so much better than it sounds...

in fact, it looks soothing...
warm and cozy
it all depends on the shade of gray
and the undertones in the white

HI Claudine... I need your help!
I am remodeling our kitchen/family room , and I  picked out creamy buttery cabinets for the kitchen with  ivory  granite( its has some light-ish gray and small specs of espresso) .   The island is an espresso color cabinet. ( the same ivory granite would  be on the island) . I want to modernize  the feel and am using brush nickel knobs for the doors.

My question is , I want to use a gray color on the walls (nothing that can turn green or blue)  in the kitchen/ family room , but would like a beigey wall accent color.  I have a large wall behind the TV. Or if you have another suggestion ?

I want to keep the feel light and modern and also have a taupe sofa that I bought to go in family room.
I would like BEHR, Glidden paint for your suggestion. I'm on a budget, and can't afford Benjamin Moore
My original decor is very Mediterranean , and I just want to get rid of that feel.
Thank You so much!! I live in Tampa Florida.  Juanita, 
(love your blog and pictures by the way....)

Hi Juanita,
Without seeing a photo of the room, I will have to to rely on what my idea of 'creamy buttery' may be and try to recommend a gray that will go with it.

Actually, if it is more creamy and not so buttery- nearly any gray would look lovely with it - including the espresso color cabinets.

However, if it is more buttery (yellow) there are less that will look great.  You will need to steer away from too light of a gray because the buttery color might be too similar in value and not provide enough of a contrast. 

So, here are a few that should look good no matter what buttery/creamy really means...
Benjamin Moore PIKES PEAK GRAY
Benjamin Moore GRAY STONE

Benjamin Moore WICKHAM GRAY
Benjamin Moore STORM

Benjamin Moore COVENTRY GRAY

Benjamin Moore METROPOLIS

Good luck!  You should be able to find a great color from this group of grays!

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