If you are looking for something to lighten and brighten a room,
try a light neutral.

While yellow is bright, it doesn't necessarily lighten a room.
Warm colors tend to move toward you, so a yellow may actually close in on you a little
instead of being lighter, it can feel 'closer'
instead of airier, it can feel cozier
and while yellow definitely has its place 
if you are looking for lightening and brightening a room
yellow may not be the best choice


I love your blog. I learn a few new things every time. I want to see if you can help me. I have to paint my entire house. I don't know where to start. I like light, neutrals, such as gray. In the kitchen we are planing on dark hardwood floors and white cabinets, backsplash will have green, blue, white and gray tile. I looked at Barren Plain from BM but it looks too dark for me. I 'm not sure. I want a modern sofisticated look. So I was thinking grey wall and white ceeling. With one accent wall in the living room on the fireplace wall and another on the TV room which can be seen from the kitchen. I would love your help. Thank you!!  Luiz Avila
Benjamin Moore BARREN PLAIN
So glad you like the blog!!!  You are right on track with Barren Plain.  I think it is everything you described and it goes really nicely with dark hardwood floors and white cabinets and all the colors in your backsplash.  It is definitely not too dark, however you should always try a sample before painting, because so many factors affect wall color and it may look entirely different in your home.  Here are a couple of others that will go with Barren Plain in slightly darker accent tones:

Benjamin Moore BARNWOOD

Benjamin Moore BEACH GLASS

Benjamin Moore COPLEY GRAY



Try out the accent colors next to the wall color (easiest if you paint it onto poster board so you can move it) to test it out - and good luck!

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