I'm a little kitchen obsessed right now.
I'm starting my own remodel, and a couple for clients as well...

So, be prepared to drool a little,
(but hopefully not on your keyboard)
and immerse yourself in some truly beautiful kitchens…

while we talk about some current trends and whether they have longevity...
Here to stay a while.
White is a current favorite.  But growing in popularity are a galaxy of neutrals
with grays currently leading the pack

Here to stay a while.
Stainless has surprising warmth for a cold metal -
and there is nothing that can replace the wonderful shine of polished metal

Tile has been rising in popularity
by rising I mean going higher and higher 
up to the ceiling instead of stopping at the backsplash

sometimes covering entire walls

top and bottom cabinets in different colors has been gaining in popularity
usually with the darker color on the bottom cabinets for 'weight'

Built-in seating, or banquettes, are popping up everywhere
they provide comfortable, roomy seating
and bring a little softness into an otherwise hard surface room
with fabric upholstery, cushions and pillows 

from a practical point of view, I understand being able to grab items right off the shelf - and being able to see what you have at a glance - but we all know how hard it is to keep it all looking good..

so then why is this style growing in popularity?  Perhaps ease of use trumps beauty…

but if you can keep it looking good - it really does look good!

if you opt for this style, it helps to keep to a single color in your dish and glassware
My opinion is that these are trends, much like the 'Tuscan' and 'Old World' looks that are fast fading.
They will be around for a while and if you love them, jump in and enjoy them
I like to use rustic or industrial 'touches'
without overkill

While wood is here to stay, especially in flooring, there are trends.
Plank width will vary from decade to decade
and wood tones and type will change
The 90's were all about oak
The 80's, whitewash
We have been enjoying warm rich woods
and deep dark woods
and the coming trend is much lighter woods
the trick here is to get what you love.
It will all change eventually, but if you love it, it won't matter.

While researching one of my pet peeves - plug outlets in the middle of a beautiful tile installation...
I found this idea  - much better!
no more unsightly plug covers with these power strips positioned under upper cabinets


Hi! I'm loving your website and the recommendations of colors... We are getting the top 3 levels of our 4 level split repainted and I would appreciate your help with the color flow. Our painter is using Dulux products but, I believe, we can color match them to your recommendations. I'm open to any recommendations. Some of the colors I like are Sea Haze, Gray Owl, Silver Marlin, Heather Gray, Colorado Gray, Gray Cashmere, Carolina Gull, Comfort Gray and Lamp Room Gray. (Any d├ęcor suggestions would be great too! i.e.: curtain colors)

We have white trim on windows, baseboards, and railings ... and doors are white. 

Upper Floor: Dark Furniture in kids bedrooms with medium light (They both like Colorado Gray), Oak Furniture in Master Bedroom with good light, Upper Bath has medium light with light colored floor (also looking for complimentary color for bathroom cabinets).

Main Floor: Livingroom and dining room connected ... has Dark Brown Furniture with good light, Kitchen has dark brown table with darker blue/green/teal countertop(which we have to work around for now) cabinets need painting and looking for color. There is a partial wall that separates the living room/diningroom from kitchen but it's not separated by doors.

Third level: Entertainment room/playroom is one big room with white railing and one white post in the middle with medium light. We have just installed a gas fireplace which will be black/grey stones and dark wood mantle. Also, we have a deep red sectional. Downstairs bath is small with medium light - black granite countertop and grey cabinet, flooring is dark earthy tones (cabinets and flooring recently reno'd)

So, those are the things I need to work around ... can you help? Thanks!

I see you are a fan of gray like so many of us!  

On your main floor you have to work with a blue/green/teal countertop.  I don't have a photo of it, so I can't definitely say what to use for paint color - but I will say that if its a lightish to medium teal I would paint creamy white cabinets and a grayed beige for the walls.  Try Benjamin Moore GRANT BEIGE.
Benjamin Moore GRANT BEIGE

If it is a very dark teal - like some granites where you can see the teal tones but its quite dark, then you could still use the color above, or use a soft gray paint for your cabinets and maybe a light gray/blue/green for the walls - Like Sherwin Williams Online or Gray Screen.

Sherwin Williams ONLINE
Either way, whatever you come up with for your countertops in the future, it should look good because the gray or creamy white and grayed beige combination will go with just about anything. That wall color should continue into the living/dining room (with fresh creamy white trim throughout) and will look great with the dark brown furniture.  

Third level - try painting from the railing to the ceiling in a medium gray and below (including the railing - I'm assuming chair rail?) semi gloss white - adding a little wainscote detail will make it look fresh - with crown and base moldings in white. 


The red sofa will be beautiful with that as well as the dark wood tone - and it will tie into your stonework and granite.

The kids chose well for their room - Colorado Gray and the dark woods will work nicely. 
Benjamin Moore COLORADO GRAY

Add pops of color for added fun!  With the master bedroom's Oak furniture, a cool gray will be a nice contrast.  In the upper bath - which I assume the kids will be using - tie it into their rooms by using the same wall color and the same pops of color, or paint the ceiling one of those pops of color for fun!

Okay, I let you ask me questions all the time - here are a few for you to answer for me!

1.  Painted kitchens? Yes or No?
2.  Do you like open/visible shelving?
3.  Banquettes vs table and chairs?
4.  Extending the tile to the ceiling…?
5.  What do you think about two color cabinets?

sooooo excited to hear from you…. :)

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