With the abundance of good quality prints both online and in shops 
and our own digital cameras and easy to use editing tools, 
there is no reason for boring walls

and with the current trend to all things nature inspired,
botanicals, natural history, and even architectural,
finding images you love for your walls is easier than ever before.

The real artistry comes in the presentation
and the framing

symmetry and scale

 Here are some online sites that archive vintage botanical and natural history books and allow free 

downloading of the images - and some blogs that have free images - here are a few to check out…

Costco can also print larger versions
(make sure you have a high enough resolution to allow the larger version)

Photos and art are not the only things that make an interesting wall

add in things that mean something to your family, like sayings


  even scrapbook paper mounted on boards can create an artistic wall assemblage

There is simply no excuse to be boring

when even simple hand-stamped images
can look like this

 The trick is in hanging art or photographs in a way
that pulls them together as a group

Put the things you love and admire on your walls

and think out of the box a little
For me, natural artifacts, botanicals, vintage images and nature - mixed with family photos - 
warm my heart.

and as always,
repetition is a good thing

Repetition makes the ordinary
Adding dimensional items, like mirrors and sconces

 make a grouping more interesting.

If you are using family photographs, 
zoom in, 
make it an image you can see from across the room...
Staples, Office Max and other office supply stores can make you a very large print
of your favorite family photo
ask for an engineer's print (won't be super fine photo quality, but still a cool graphic)
they range from $5 to $8.  You will need to mount them on plywood or foam core board with spray adhesive (or take them to Michael's and have them mounted).

For a cohesive look on your wall, use similar frames and matting

I use an online site for professional printing of my personal digital photographs
they give a professional finish, at a very reasonable price - in your choice of size and style

I also often find that changing photos to black and white
can remove distracting colors and distracting backgrounds
and sometimes create a better image to be framed

and makes the image pop

For smaller items or images, 
a large mat provides a gallery effect

and makes smaller items seem more important

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