If I were to say forest green and mauve
you'd think early 80's
dusty blue and pink?
gold, tan, green and red....
early 2000? 
so what color trend will our current decade be remembered for?

 The change in the world economy made us more budget wise
it dictates cleaner, simpler lines 
more neutrals
and colors that stand the test of time

Gray has become our favorite neutral 
in its amazing, wide spectrum of color and tone

Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle is a worldwide mantra
We repaint, we DIY, we craft.
Maria Killam
but we still beautify our homes....
sometimes just a little slower...


I would love your advice on a color for my family room/breakfast room/kitchen. Right now it's Sherwin Williams RYEGRASS with the fireplace accent wall a brown (can't remember the name). 

I was thinking of drizzle by Sherwin Williams and bought a sample, painted it on a small portion of wall and it's just too much I think. 
Could I use something with a grayish tone...because everything in my house seems to be a warmer/brownish palette. Love your website and wish I lived nearby!

Thanks for your assistance!!  Nichole 

Hi Nicole!  I agree that a grayed down tone would be a good choice, especially with the warm wood tone on the floor and your lighter toned kitchen.  

Sherwin Williams has a lot of beautiful grays:

via Sherwin Williams MINDFUL GRAY

via Sherwin Williams AGREEABLE GRAY
 Agreeable Gray looks very different in these two photos (above and below).  Room size, available light, etc. are big factors in how a color will look in your room, so make sure you test it first.
via Sherwin Williams AGREEABLE GRAY

via Sherwin Williams A NEW GRAY
via Sherwin Williams GRAY AREA (good choice for an accent wall)

via Bedroom:  Sherwin Williams LIGHT FRENCH GRAY Hall:  Sherwin Williams  LINK GRAY

via Sherwin Williams MODERN GRAY

via Sherwin Williams STEELY GRAY  If you still want to stay in the green tone area, here are grays with a green undertone.
via Sherwin Williams GATEWAY GRAY
via Sherwin Williams SVELTE SAGE Pick up a couple of tester pots on these and try them on your walls and next to your furniture and woods (on a foam core board) as computer image colors are not reliable and light and room size effect color. GOOD LUCK!


Nichole said...

Thank you so much for your help. I'll be heading out to buy some tester pots soon to give these colors a try!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thank you for all the lovely paint recommendations. Unfortunately American paint brands are not available where I live. Would you please recommend equivalent shades of paints in ICI Dulux paint codes? I like the greys, greyish beige, greys with a green tone and beiges (no red undertones please). I rather like this particular shade of beige but perhaps a tone lighter. Would you know the Dulux equivalent?
I would like to email you my questions but cannot find a email address on your blog. I am not sure this is the right place to ask.
Many thanks!

Claudine Barnett said...

Just posted a reply under 'International Paint Color


link within

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