Are you a green person or a blue person? 
 Do you like neutrals or whites? 
Do reds make you happy? 
Do you love pink?

Color is personal -  It is individual
A look in your closet will reveal colors
 you know you look your best in
and colors that make you feel good.

Why should decorating your home be any different?


I just stumbled upon your blog. Gorgeous! I've been paralyzed by indecision over paint colors for our sunroom. The sunroom is being converted into a year-round room - eventually the wall between our family/kitchen area will be knocked down so I want to make sure the rooms' colors flow. The ceilings in our family/kitchen is only 7.5 ft (awful, I know!). The sunroom has much higher ceilings w/sky lights. All trim in our home is BM Linen White - should I stick with that in the sunroom? Currently, the paint in the family/ kitchen room is BM Edgecomb Gray...wondering whether I should use the same wall color as in the sunroom for continuity. ANY suggestions are appreciated! Love the photos of BM Grant Beige on your site...should I not go too dark since our house is a Cape Cod style home....HELP!
So, there is the funny thing about wall color.  
The same color can look completely different in different rooms of the same house.  Wall color is affected by size of room, ceiling height, available light, direction of light, etc.  
Benjamin Moore - Edgecomb Gray
There is no guarantee that Edgecomb Gray will look the same in the sunroom where there is much more light and higher ceilings.  That being said, definitely try a sample of the Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray to see if you like it, but also try samples of Benjamin Moore Copley Gray and Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray to see what they look like in the room.  
They are more medium hued grays.
Benjamin Moore - Copley Grey
 Copley Grey is a deeper color gray, as the amount of light might wash out the Edgecomb Gray, which is already fairly light hued.  

Rockport has this warm undertone and might be perfect in that light.  Definitely carry the same trim color throughout the home.  

 If you are feeling a little adventurous, try a touch of a blue/green undertone with this concoction by Centsational Girl - 1/2 Benjamin Moore Misted Green and 1/2 Benjamin Moore Camouflage.  
Benjamin Moore should make it an official color - its genius!
Good luck!  Let me know what you choose!

I just found your website and am in awe. Thank you for helping us colored challenged people out! I can't pick a paint color out for the life of me. Do you have any suggestions of a grey color to go with the Pottery Barn Mari Duvet?
I am looking for a neutral grey (not too green or too blue). I need a medium color for the bedroom and a little bit lighter color for the bathroom. Thank you!

I love the look of Ashwood (Benjamin Moore) - its the palest of grays, so soft, but with just enough color to show up against white mouldings and trim work - not too gray - it would look nice in a bathroom with white trim and wood tones
Benjamin Moore - Ashwood

Benjamin Moore - Ashwood

Pottery Barn - Mari bedding
A gray with a little more hue to it that pairs well with blues is Gray Wisp (Benjamin Moore).  It is still a soft soothing color - perfect for a bedroom, and it goes particularly well with dark wood tones.
Home Mag
Benjamin Moore - Gray Wisp
A gray/blue that may go nicely with Mari duvet, and has more definite color, is Benjamin Moore Raindance.

Conspicuous Style
Benjamin Moore - Raindance

 and a blue/gray in a softer, lighter tone is Silver Crest (Benjamin Moore)
I don't feel like this is over-poweringly blue - but there is that definite hint and it would look good with the Mari, as well.

Benjamin Moore - Silver Crest
which would work equally well in bathroom or bedroom.

A warmer gray, but still a good compliment to the blues in the Mari duvet, Edgecombe Gray (Benjamin Moore) is a beautiful choice.

Remember to always try a sample in the room - as colors will be different due to light, size of room and ceiling height - than what you see on the computer screen.  

GOOD LUCK! So happy you enjoy the Blog!

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