I have a fantasy of owning an old farmhouse...
or a chateau in Provence...
or a cottage by the sea...
as long as it was built before 1940
before the millwork and mouldings began to disappear
and the ceilings and walls became non-descript
and the windows lost their charm
and the front of a house became... a garage

Chameleon Interiors
A house that was built when pride in craftmanship
took precedence over speed and profit...
(Pardon my rant - I get a little passionate about these things...)


 my readers from other countries my not have the 'tract home' woes -
but it really doesn't matter when or where your home was built -
it probably could use a little more character.
Trimwork and moulding details take a home from ordinary
to extraordinary

Benjamin Moore

its rare to find a home with lovely details today,
especially if it was constructed after the 1940s

Fresh Home

when designing a new room, I like to
add the 'details' the room lacks

Roost Home

I call it adding the 'bones'
(all the things a room needs to have before the actual decor)
built-in storage, moldings and millwork are key elements

Country Living

If you are working on a room in your home,
don't forget to start with the basics -

I'm Busy Procrastinating
like framing your windows in molding
for a clean, finished look
and adding sills if they are missing
Inspired Living Home
add moulding and trim to doorways
with or without the doors

some nice hefty crown molding
(I like to beef up the baseboards, too)

An American Homemaker
 some panelled walls
in areas that could use a little punch - like the entry

 wainscoting or board and batten in fresh white
keep an area from becoming too dark, and are easy to clean in semi-gloss

I Heart Organizing

a nice high wainscote creates interest in ANY room

Devon - Devon

Baltimore Smart Homes

White is not a pre-requisite for trimwork. 
Painting walls and trim all one tone can bring in a more contemporary vibe
while still adding the detail to otherwise uninspired flat walls.

Sarah Richardson

 You may wish to update your staircase with a little paint or darker stain
 and some chunky newel posts

or create a handsome mantle over the fireplace
Don't forget to look up...
an interesting ceiling

Megan Leiter
can add big architectural interest to a room

Cote de Texas

Atlanta Homes

take advantage of vaulted ceilings and raise the eye by going a little higher with the paneling

Kelly Moorehead
add some flat columns or
try something different on an angled wall

remember not to overdo - there is beauty in simplicity

but it is also fun to try something completely different


like putting your floor on your wall

or your ceiling

A K Starr Family
 Headers over doors and windows create a sense of importance and fresh
white lets you get a little more dramatic in wall color without overpowering the room

All these details and finishing touches
create a feeling of permanence..
Its not ALL about good looks
Decor Pad
function is important, too
and we can all use some attractive storage

Decor Pad

to display our pretty things..

My Home Ideas

or to organize our life a little

The Nester

Its kind of amazing how little decorating you need to do
when your room is prettier to start!

Classic Casual Home

most of these little upgrades don't take a lot of skill
or money
in fact, there are dozens of tutorials and
diy helps in blogland and pinterest

Apartment Therapy

I'm ready to add a little more character to my home
How about you?

Decor Pad
  if only.... :)

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