A good wall arrangement goes beyond a pretty design

a good arrangement reflects the homeowner's personality
brings in their life, loves, and interests

 sometimes it shows  you what is really important to them

 or something they think is beautiful

 I love collections of pictures, beautifully framed...

here are a few more arrangements to inspire you...

aged frames...and unusual items on display...

Domino Magazine
incorporating mirrors into an arrangement

symmetry in formal areas...

taking the art higher to raise the eye - and the ceiling...
Sheridan Road Magazine

wall arrangements that climb..

arrangements that create a very large piece of art...

incorporating items that are not framed...

collections of black and white photos...

botanical prints, identically framed and matted...

framing the thermostat in this photo is genius!

it doesn't hurt when the art actually adds to the design of the room

capture life's mementos in a shadow box

and life's moments in a collage

Wall art should make a statement!
and enhance the design...

It can be one single item that says a lot

or  many items that speak to you and about you

Wall arrangements can guide you upstairs or down
they can fill a large wall

or make a small corner more interesting
 Sometimes they are fanciful, but most times
 they are essential to add a finishing
personal touch to your room
What are your walls saying?

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