TYING IT TOGETHER and new wedding photos...

It allows you to join your life with another
to hold nothing back
to give freely

I loved creating this wedding because Stephanie and her daughter and bride, Brianna,
trusted me
You have no idea how fun it is to have free creative reign
and dream an event into existence...
with just a few parameters:
English Garden
No mason jars or burlap.

And one more rule that is paramount in my book...
find out exactly what the bride wants
discover her style
make it her

 This wedding definitely had Brianna written all over it.

Trust and free reign means we dreamed these moments into existence

Jason Barbiaux commented on your blog post
Our carpet is a very light brown. We are looking at furniture and one of the sectionals that we really like is pewter. What color can we paint the walls to tie those 2 together?

Gray and tan/brown is actually a good combination..  I would find a soft, lighter gray for the walls, and bring in the brown/tan in a combination of decorative pillows for the sofa.  You can add a blue or apple green to the mix if you want a little color.

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