THE NEW COLORS FOR 2015 and help for Susan


My first thought was 'are we seriously going back to Sage again?'
but then I looked at some of the rooms that have this color...
and realized it has just enough gray in it to be a perfect neutral...

#1 is Guilford Green

It pairs really well with other colors...

with blush and pink

with blues

with other greens

with berry tones
with black (Guilford Green ceiling)

with brown

with navy

Guilford Green should be a great new staple to add to your neutral palette

2015 is projected to be a year of cooler neutrals

so far... its looking good


I'm LOST in a SEA of COLORS! & in the storm of furniture Clutter Chaos.

Hi Claudine,  I love your posts and blogs!  

 I was wondering if you could help me in my paint color selections (and maybe furniture placements (decorating ideas)... I've attached some photos for your review as well... (Please don't laugh, I know it is a messy house with items piled EVERYWHERE! ;) Trying to find that "time" where I can go through everything and put it back in it's place (need help with organizing as well). Mother...

Hi Susan!
I'll address this area first
I see two focal points here.

The natural focal point of the fireplace
and the other one vying for attention - the t.v.
as far as furniture placement goes,
I would separate the two, placing the t.v. on the wall that holds the sofa

yup, this one...
and move your sofas so that they embrace the fireplace as focal point,
and give a little separation to this room and the kitchen and eating area
kind of like this...

 to unify this area, I would treat all windows the same - 
long draperies on all windows
since you have a desk in this room, I would use it as one
and dress it out nicely, and put the computer monitor here

and a nice chair
and lamps
and art above it

I'm assuming this is the formal dining room
and should have more of a formal table and chairs
so I would switch this out to the kitchen and put the wood toned ones in here
that are currently in the kitchen area
 (if you don't use this area very much, you could use this as a computer/video game area with extra storage added)
as for paint colors - I would make the change from room to room more subtle
using cooler colors to make it feel more spacious
 like these Benjamin Moore neutrals...

Since you don't have any non-neutral furnishings, you can choose from any of the above, or these three that I particularly like, below...
Benjamin Moore ARCTIC GRAY
(would look particularly nice in the kitchen/living areas)

(their color of the year for 2015)

Benjamin Moore SHALE

As for the organization part - check out all the helpful hints on Pinterest!
Hope that helped!
Best wishes.

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