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Chandeliers are just for large, imposing rooms – in mansions! 
Aren’t they? 
Well, no, not really. 
Find out more about how you can decorate your dull old bathrooms with chandeliers as I – Anna from My Bathrooms blog will guide you through ways you can achieve perfect lighting glam just by installing the ideal chandelier in your bathrooms!

Glamorous Chandeliers: Bathroom Decor

You can have a chandelier in just about any room you like, even the bathroom, although there are a
few things to take into account before you happily race off to choose a large and glittering fitting for your smallest room.

Size Matters

This is perhaps the most important consideration for your bathroom’s light fitting. If your bathroom is spacious and boasts a relatively high ceiling, then you can get away with a large and ornate chandelier. If, however, your bathroom is a standard modern bathroom (i.e. fairly small with a regulation height ceiling) then you must choose a chandelier that is in proportion to the room’s dimensions. Pay attention to both the height of the chandelier (too long a chandelier will intrude down into the room, bringing the hot bulbs into close proximity to the bathroom users and the steam from the bathroom – neither of which is desirable!) and the diameter of the chandelier. A relatively low profile, but wide chandelier will be perfect for a low-ceilinged bathroom that needs plenty of light, for example.

Compact or Not

Chandeliers come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes from compact globes to delicate and expansive falls of sprawling pendalogues (the dangly bits!). Obviously, the more ornate and wide-spreading the chandelier, the more room you will need in order for the chandelier to be properly showcased, whereas smaller, lower bathrooms will look better with a smaller, more tightly compacted chandelier.

Up or Down?

Chandeliers used to hold candles, which obviously had to burn upright (boiling hot wax is not an attractive addition to anyone’s outfit or face!) and many modern chandeliers are designed to capture the appearance of candles, with the light-bulbs (usually at least three, maybe even more) standing upright in the chandelier. Others adopt a more usual ceiling light arrangement, with downward hanging bulbs (which allow more light to flood the room). Study a variety of chandeliers to see which lighting effect suits you and your bathroom the best.

Crystal Reflections

Chandeliers, as stated above, used to hold candles. The very name ‘chandelier’ can be traced to the Latin ‘candelabrum’ which means candle holder. Even with a large number of candles the light emanating from the original chandeliers was not as bright as could be desired, so chandelier-makers (interestingly, the French word for candle-maker is chandelier, as compared to the English chandler) added a wealth of small crystal pendants (pendalogues) to capture and scatter the light, creating a wider, more diffuse pool of light into the room. While modern light bulbs tend to need no augmentation, chandeliers still come with attractively shaped pendalogues although these are more for appearance’s sake than anything else. Once again, you must decide on how ornate or plain a chandelier you prefer for your bathroom.

Once you have made your decision, do be sure to check that the chandelier can be hung in a bathroom, with water or steam-resistant fittings. It may cost a little more, but you will have peace of mind that you and your family will be safe under your new and glamorous light – and it will last you a long time too!

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