RANDOM day today  -  found a few photos of rooms that I thought I'd share
I keep looking at this one - trying to decide what I like about it...

but its easier to say what I don't like, because I like most of the elements of this room.

Like the freshness of the slipcovers
the natural fibre rug
rustic table
cool gray walls
warmed with wood blinds and warm wood flooring
and the contrast of the dark wood armoire
and I love the funky chandelier
It all feels fresh and easy
but still grown-up...
NOT a fan of the galvanized flower containers on the table or the fake birds in the cage...
and don't love the lamp or the fan - don't think they match the vibe of the room...

what do you like?

same thing with this room...
Love the curtains with the blue-gray on the bottom giving them a little weight and color
great windows
cute bench
bedding is nice, seagrass rug is awesome
dark wood bed - nice contrast
A pretty room, really.
But maybe not enough contrast in this room 
it reads a little 'meh'...
Not a fan of the round ottoman or the fabric on it
and not a big fan of the chair fabric - 
I think a darker fabric, like the gray from the bed, would be better
but its definitely a room I could nap in
it's already putting me to sleep...

Here are some beautiful paint colors that are not 'meh'
the kind you never get tired of...
Benjamin Moore HUSHED HUE
paired here with WHITE DOVE
I love this taupe-y gray.  Especially with white.
Its sometimes difficult to find a color that blends well with carrera marble's gray streaks
but this does it beautifully.  Keep it in mind if you are using marble and need a friendly companion.
Benjamin Moore SILVER MIST
Silver Mist is that silvery color with just a slight undertone of blue
that looks amazing with white, silver metals, and warm deep woods.
It's easy on the eye and you won't be tired of it in a couple of years.

AND A FEW RANDOM THINGS (told you it was a random day)

I found this picture of Actress Sela Ward's home.  Well, part of her home.  I'm kind of obsessing about
these old french doors.  What a great architectural feature.  Love the french gray color and the chipping, worn finish.  Had to share, it was so delish!

And then, more random-ness.  My little collection of antique clocks.  None of them running at the moment - need to find a good clock person who can get them ticking again...The one in the middle was our first anniversary purchase.  We had to put it on layaway for like forever.  We call it Jerome because it was made by the Jerome clock company.  Anyway, I love them, so I thought I'd share.
More randomness from my house.  These are a few of my favorite things to put together.
Old (very old) blue and white platters, with mercury glass, pewter, coral and seashells
and the warm wood just sets it off so nicely
the little turtle guy is an antique fish decoy
love the nail-heads on his back..
I collect the coral and shells and my husband collects the fish decoys
that's teamwork!


I enjoy your blog., and I'd like to submit a question for your consideration.

We're building a Florida, golf course home. The living room gets direct eastern light, and south light from a deep covered porch.  
The flooring is a neutral brown/beige/tan tile throughout (both pink and gold undertones).  The soft furnishings in the living room (open to kitchen and visible to dining room) are mostly various patterns and scales with aqua as the primary color; there is a coral & white ottoman. 
The living walls will be BM White Dove, and trim BM Super White. 
The kitchen cabs are off-white with bright white glazing; the kitchen stools are black with gilding and a small print upholstery with the colors from living and dining room in it.  
The dining room (western light from deep porch window) will be BM Persimmon 2088-40, above a Super White wainscoting. 

The study (across the foyer from the dining room) will be BM Philadelphia Cream HC-30.  

All ceilings are 10' with a 7" high, painted crown (BM Super White), and the living room has a coffer.  

Here's my question, I'm thinking of having all the ceilings, in the public rooms (living, kitchen, study, dining & maybe foyer) painted BM Colony Green 694, or a 1/2 strength version of same.  

Each room on it's own would be terrific with the color, however, I'm concerned that it may look contrived and too "done up" to put one color on all the ceilings.  

What do you think about using that one color for all the ceilings

Thank you in advance for any thoughts you can offer. 
Susan Betzig

Hi Susan,

I love the fearless use of color in Florida.  It reminds me of living in the pacific islands!  I think painting all the ceilings in these areas the same color would be unifying.  The only one I'm concerned about is the coffered ceiling, which could look a little checkerboard-y with the contrasting trim.   I'd keep the color to the other rooms.  Your ceilings are high enough and your light bright enough that you can carry it off easily, and may not need to dilute it 1/2 strength.  Good luck!

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