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Before I jump into talking about color, and design and our homes,
I wanted to share something a little more important than 'things' - a little miracle that took place very quietly in a suburb near Houston.

A 'Give it Forward' fundraiser was spearheaded by my niece, for her friend who has stage IV metastatic cancer and who dreamed of taking her 3 little boys on a Disney cruise but didn't think it was possible.   In 18 days friends, family and complete strangers reached deep into their hearts and donated over $9K.  They were amazed at the amount they were able to raise in so little time - and presented the gift to her today.  Donations are still being received but they didn't want to wait any longer to let her know her dream was about to come true - reservations needed to be made!  My heart was touched by this generosity.  I'm sure yours will be too!   You can read about it here 

Now on to less important things.

If you are wanting to make a few changes in the New Year, updating your wall color is probably one of the most dramatic changes you can make and also the most cost effective.
Take a look at these before and after projects to see what a difference a new coat of paint can make.

This one is amazing...

The Decorologist
 Kitchens seem to be the most popular choice for a new look...

The Decorologist
 Hard to believe that was the same kitchen.  Although I did notice the appliance upgrades, the paint still made the biggest change.

Love the two toned cabinets on this one, and what a refreshing change!

The Decorologist
 I love the fact that the only paint change in this room was the back of the bookcases...

The Decorologist
 A great idea to make a flat screen t.v. blend in a little better...

This is a truly beautiful transformation - paint and a little rearranging...

The Decorologist
 Another room in the same house...

The Decorologist

Look how paint completely transforms this little bungalow
and a little landscaping, of course...

 That fireplace needs a little help...

A Delightful Design
 much better...

This is just a change of color - but what a great new look.
Evolution of Style

Paint can also help you enhance or correct architectural uglies

The Decorologist
This treatment brought out the beautiful stone on the fireplace, and made the dissecting trim disappear and become more of an enhancement

Dated color?  Quick help...

The Decorologist
 Love the drama of the darker ceiling...

Not only wall color was changed here.... 

At Home Arkansas
the armoire got a personality change as well...

The before picture here is a little over 'warm'.  
Kellys Korner
 Love the cool blue walls with the warm accents on the after photo.

Even a very subtle color change can work magic on a room...
NY Times

A coat of paint completely transforms this dated cottage....

Nest Egg

If you have tired brass accents... Rust-o-leum has a high temperature spray paint to transform them.

A basic builders kitchen gets a new backsplash

Traci Zeller
and a face lift with paint...

So while you have the switchplates removed for painting...
Martha Stewart
make a note of the brand and color - right where you can always find it...

What do you say.... Ready for a little


Hi, my name is Amy. I've been wanting to change the paint colors of my house for a long time. We built our house two years ago, and I directly copied the colors of the model. At the time, I loved them and couldn't think outside of the box. Since then, I have explored many blogs and watched many episodes of house hunters. I want to change the overall feel and look of my house and I think it is a good idea to start with paint. My main concern is if my house will go with the colors I want. I have cognac kitchen cabinets and a similar color floor. Currently, I have burnt red accents. It is way too much warmth in one area. I wanted to change the color of my kitchen cabinets, but I've had two painters come to give me estimates and they both didn't want to touch them incase of ruining them. For now, I am going to keep my kitchen cabinets the color they are so I don't ruin them. 

I read an article on a blog about using cool colors to break up the look of wood. It said if you have warm wood and match it with warm colors it turns "hot". I think that's the situation I'm in right now. It just all flows together and matches too well. I want to bring gray tones into my house and make it feel airy and open. I'm not sure what type of gray I should use or if I should go with a griege.

I want an open and airy look so I don't want it to make my dark kitchen cabinets seem darker. I am going to attach pictures of my current family room and kitchen. (I plan to change out couch pillows, chair, and drapes in family room, but if you don't think gray would go with my current furniture, please let me know) They are one big room and all the walls connect. I am also going to attach pictures of my morning room, that is also in the same space, but does not share walls with the kitchen and family room.  I am also going to attach pictures of cognac cabinets and gray paint I've found online. 

Since I copied the paint colors of the model before, I knew it would look good because I liked the flow of it in the model home. I am picking out paint colors myself now and I am scared to death of messing up!! Any help or suggestions would GREATLY be appreciated!!! Thank you so much, Amy

Hi Amy
Your warm wood cabinets are going to look amazing with a soft gray wall.  The gray of the walls will cool everything down a little and allow those rich wood tones to stand out.  You do have very nice cabinets - but I'm surprised your painters didn't feel up to the task.  I think you will feel better about your kitchen with cooler walls - and it will feel calmer and larger to you.   You didn't mention any colors you were trying, but here are a few I have found to be beautiful...

BALANCED BEIGE (Sherwin Williams)

CHELSEA GRAY (Benjamin Moore)

AMAZING GRAY (Sherwin Williams)

ANALYTICAL GRAY (Sherwin Williams)

PEWTER TANKARD (Sherwin Williams)

Good Luck!

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