Yellow is a popular choice for walls and for warming a room.  However, it isn't always the best choice to lighten a room - or to make it feel more spacious.

Centsational Girl

Warm colors tend to be a little 'heavier', and warm tones tend to come towards you - making spaces feel smaller or cozier.  Most of the time, that's a good thing!

The Enchanted Home
Intensity is the key in choosing the perfect yellow for wall color.  That, and the colors you choose to accent your design.

HATHAWAY GOLD (Benjamin Moore)
Use care when selecting coordinating colors - too many warm tones can overheat the feel of a room.  I like to play with opposites when using a definite color on the walls.  Warm walls - choose cool accent colors.
WINDHAM CREAM (Benjamin Moore)

Cool walls, add warm pops of color.

If you love yellow, truly love it, its presence in your home will warm your heart.
Color in Design
Pottery Barn
HAWTHORNE YELLOW (Benjamin Moore) 
 Just the right shade of soft gold or cream makes me feel calm.  When I look at a wall of fabrics, I'm always drawn to the soft gold shades.
Martha Stewart
FAMILY MATTERS (Martha Stewart paint)
 I like to pair it with warm woods and creamy whites.
Martha Stewart
MELLOW YELLOW (Martha Stewart paint)

Martha Stewart
GOLDEN HOURS (Martha Stewart paint)

Homes Direct

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Living

Yellow is also a bit tricky.

Southern Accents
Some yellows have a green undertone and turn a little sickly in the waning light as evening approaches.

Traditional Home
Some have too much orange and turn into a peachy mess in changing light.

Try to find one as close to the middle ground as possible and then lower the intensity until you have a soft buttery warm wall that creates a background to your design - and doesn't overpower.
Martha Stewart

My favorite choice is in the 'gold' range - Gold tends to be more neutral and easier to get right.

Martha Stewart

My favorite 'gold' paint choices: Dunn Edwards/California Paints - GOLDEN GATE;
Sherwin Williams WHOLE WHEAT,

Sherwin Williams WHOLE WHEAT


I have painted my walls all in warm yellow (but not too strong) and my ceiling in I would say white chocolate. Window frames and doors are white and the floor is in white wood. My room is relatively small and it will be my home office so I choose the above colors to lighten it up. Right now I have to choose my desk and my bookshelves. Would you have any advices on the color. I'm really not focused and balancing between a warm wood (like pin) or black book shelve or white. Thanks for any feedback. Usually I like modern style for my furniture with a lot of empty space

thanks in advance
VELLUM (Benjamin Moore)

Nancy, I think there are a few ways you can go.  White painted bookshelves would be nice, as would a soft dove gray.  The desk can be darker, for more contrast, although I'm sensing you like the soft light feel of your room, so I might suggest a darker gray, or a warm wood for your desk.  Both would compliment the yellow and the white.  Black may be too big a contrast - but both gray and black would bring in a more modern statement.  Good luck!  

Good Luck!

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