Turquoise was announced as the color of the year for 2010
and we did see many versions of that delicious hue
in the aqua and teal and sea foam hues
paired with chocolate and green
Other blues made a big comeback.
Deep blues and soft whispers of blue.
We saw it paired with green and cream;
and it made its classic clean, fresh appearance again with white.
But of all the blues, the grey blues were my favorite.

Blue at Christmas hits a nostalgic note for me.
I have never used blue as a holiday palette,
but my father put blue lights on our house each Christmas. 
He loved his blue lights sparkling against the white snow
piled on the roof and the bushes nearby
blanketing the lawn and ground. 
There was something ethereal about it. 
When I see blue at Christmastime, I remember my Dad,
and Christmas at home.  He sure loved himself some blue lights on the outside of the house!
 I've gathered some beautiful examples of blue holiday decor. 
May you find inspiration and great ideas. 

For all fans of the color blue - enjoy!

fresh with white
(Country Living)
blue lights glow beautiful and cool
'framed' perfectly

by Kimvallee.com
delicious with silver and white
delightful with red

Country Living
midnight blue elegance
tiffany blue and white
Country Living
turquoise and gold
looking celestial
Canadian House and Home
I love this clever cupboard
with its aqua blue walls
fresh greens and white pottery
Country Living

Silver makes any color of blue


champagne and silver with aqua
in shining harmony

teal steals the scene
blue lights add just a hint of color

traditional appeal with red
Carolyn Roehme
aqua and red
has vintage appeal
Christmas Traditions
soft powder blue and white
Country Living
silver and gold compliment
white and soft blues

a garland of tiffany blue and white family photos

ice blue with frosty branches

bold teal blue

I love all of this fresh white
with the shiny blues of the wreath
Better Homes & Gardens
greens and blues both live on the cool side of the color wheel
they are natural partners

turquoise and white

Martha Stewart
tiffany blue and white

vintage white with turquoise

aqua and sea foam green
House and Home
vintage ornaments in silver and blue
this wreath explodes with the colors
turquoise and citron green
teal and turquoise are perfect
for a beach themed Christmas

a charming decoration in
aqua and red
peacock blue
in feathers, of course

shimmering silver and blue

charming wreath made from paper leaves

crystal and white with royal blue

aqua, red and pearls
Traditional Home

bright and simple
turquoise with red berries
(I love how the acrylic runner is raised so the greens and berries
can lay beneath it, and then topped with sparkling glass, berries and candles
that idea just opens up so many possibilities!)
from Anthropology - how can you resist the little blue and green owl ornament?

so little is needed to decorate this room
just white roses, some greenery
and candles
a perfect little tree
House and Home

from Carolyn Roehme
her favorite blue and white

a turquoise sea and a turquoise tree
(Coastal Living)
and don't starfish and sea shells
make wonderful ornaments!
(Coastal Living)

from Cody Foster,
a frosty and sparkling village

Table top trees are perfect for holiday themes

vintage feather tree and ornaments
with powder blue velvet ribbon
love this presentation
in a vintage urn
on a silver tray
with silver and blue vintage ornaments
Country Living
Mirrors are perfect backdrops for wreaths
They frame and reflect them
blues and greens by
Martha Stewart
unique handmade ornaments
from Martha Stewart

turquoise and copper
from House of Turquoise
turquoise, green and unexpected black

subtle barely there color

turquoise and lime

a cutout panel in a soft blue
with paper snowflakes hung on clips
simple and sweet
(Canadian House and Home)

peacock blue and citron green

Designer Sara Richardson
blue and green
with silver, gold and crystal accents

a perfect palette
from Target
Peacock themed tree
turquoise, teal and aqua

I think I want this bed...
beautiful blue and white
a perfect backdrop for Christmas greens
Country Living

We saw blue ornaments on white trees
and on green trees
Which did you think looked best with Blue?
What was your favorite look?

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