I'm a fall baby.  Born in October, I always love the end of the year seasons, when the air turns crisper, colors turn warmer, and the promise of family gatherings and Christmas cheer are on the horizon.

On the other hand, Spring is a pretty magical time, too.  I love the new growth in the garden, and picking new plants, and bringing the outdoors inside a little with plants, flowers and accessories.  Nature can be heady.  Moss can be magical.  Spring casts a certain spell...

It cast a rose spell on us - The Hubs and I had a slight sprinkler problem and some plants had to be removed for the repair - which left a little room in the garden for more roses....  Here's what came home with us...

Carding Mills (David Austin English Roses)

The Alnwick Rose (David Austin English Roses)

Sweet Mademoiselle (David Austin English Roses)

Bolero (Romantica)

I love the look of these multi-petaled English roses and the amazing color and fragrance.  We actually went back for another of the white romantica rose, Bolero.  Once it bloomed we were stunned at its size (4") and beauty.  It has over 100 petals and opens up with just a blush of pink in the center and has a wonderful scent.  We fell in love.  

I look forward to the Spring Celebration at Rogers Gardens, a plant nursery in Corona del Mar, California, each year. They are are a serious nursery, and a large one, but more than that - they also have several gift shops, a restaurant and an on-site florist.

Each Spring, their team of florists fill the largest of the gift shops with dozens of beautiful fresh arrangements for their Spring Celebration. It's a bountiful display of their considerable talents that looks beautiful and smells even better.  I can provide a look for you here ....I wish I could also send the aroma!

Hope you enjoyed the little floral tour - its back to the garden for me - I have to go plant roses!

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