Once Upon a Time..... The Wedding

If you've heard the story about the girl, the shoes and the prince...
you will have the theme of this fairytale wedding...

If you've followed any of the weddings I have done, you will know that the delight for me is in the details.  All the little touches that take a wedding from ordinary to something a little bit fabulous.

So this wedding was a delight to plan and see come together,  with a lot of help from our friends.

A lot of friends helped us create so many of these details.  Thursday nights were project nights at my house with hours of gluing moss, covering books, creating table numbers, putting programs together and enjoying delicious food.  They made these tasks easy!  We so appreciate all who helped!

Shawna of Bleudog Photography not only photographed the wedding, but did florals with me - for 2 days...with her multi-talented hands...

Also, Brianna Sterling (see her wedding here)

 one of my darling brides, now a talented florist in her own right,
 who came to help just for the sheer fun of it.

Thank you, thank you!

We will let the pictures do the talking for this post...

 Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California
Rose Garden gazebo.

 And they lived Happily Ever After....

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