As an interior decorator and I get to do a bit of holiday decorating for my clients this time of year.  I'm getting pretty adept at decorating Christmas trees, because I do a lot of them... and I decided to share what I have learned and to break it down into easy to follow steps so that you can feel confident about decorating your tree.   

(Here is Part I, in case you missed it.)

Part II starts with.....

It may seem I'm skipping ahead here and the skirt should come last, but there are other options out there - not just a traditional skirt - 
that makes addressing this now more important.  

The base can be really hard to do when the tree is all decked out in ornaments and garland - especially if you have decided to use one of the new 
farmhouse style baskets or tubs as your base.  

With all the options we have for the base of the tree, we may need a little prior planning or assembly.  

For example, it is a very current 'farmhouse' look to set the tree inside a large galvanized tub - but very hard to do if the tree is laden with pretty, breakable ornaments...  
Image from My Sweet Savannah
Tubs are an adorable way to skirt a tree - and they have a neat, tidy look to them... and because of their popularity, many shops are offering 'tree collars' in metal and basket styles
Available from Williams-Sonoma
Available from Crate and Barrel
Available from Pier 1

The same is true of basket bases.  Nothing beats wicker for a clean casual style.
Image from Welke

Image from Unskinny Boppy
Tree Collar Available from Terrain
By Stephanie Lynn

Or learn how to make your own here

Depending on size, Urns make a great tree stand
The Hunted Interior

Image from Godfather Style
Image from Martha Stewart
Image from Better Homes and Gardens

And crates are definitely becoming popular for a rustic touch
Image from Pinterest
Image from The Stier Aesthetic
Image from Target

Make your own, here

Tree skirts are a traditional choice and there are a million styles and choices
Available from Ballard Designs
Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from HGTV

But a fur throw makes a great statement, too.
image from Pottery Barn

As do other unique materials...

Like a tree log...
How to at Urban Outfitters
or an oversized lamp shade...
Or a collar made from joined picture frames...
DIY from In My Own Style
A carpet of Pine Cones...
image from Martha Stewart

Or just some burlap, tied up with a bow...

Whatever you use, make it your own unique style. If you have a fresh tree, remember to provide a way to water the tree to keep it fresh without disturbing the decorations.

Next post.... Ribbon and Garland!

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