On the bandwagon for Red Nose Day, and a reminder to buy your red nose at Walgreens today - the prodeeds benefit hungry children!

And we are seeing red in a good way today.  If you love color - embrace it - and nothing is more vibrant than RED!

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Hi Claudine:
I stumbled on your blog while searching google images for warm gold paint colors. Currently the walls are Capri Coast by Benjamin Moore. I actually don't mind it other than blah blah blah...not getting that warm welcoming feeling. I am not opposed to painting just the bottom & leaving top as is, vice versa or painting 2 diff shades of warm gold on top/bottom.
Attached is the picture I just snapped -its 5:30 in upstate NY. Please excuse & forgive the mess, I got so excited when I found your blog I just snapped away :)

Room Facts: 25ft x 15ft, dark wood floors, dark wood wall unit on one end and window wall w/desk on wall opposite the wall unit. 12 pane glass door to back yard (hill & all woods) and double window same wall as door. We do not get much natural light.
I don't want the room to look like we need to be sitting on beach towels i.e. pale yellows or with cool greys. I think warm golds could work well but also don't want them to look beige or flesh color. Any suggestion you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards-MaryJane

Hi MaryJane.
Warm golds/yellows are tricky.  The wrong tone and its orange, or worse, flesh colored.  I think you may like Whole Wheat by Sherwin Williams.  It will be beautiful with the deep wood tones in your pictures.

I might keep the bottom half of the wall in the white, as it also looks so good with white wood trim.

It looks nothing like a beach, and doesn't have the sickly yellow-green undertones or the fleshy orange ones.

Hope that helps you!

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