I love peeking inside homes.   I confess, I'm a regular at the website Hooked on Houses.   My favorite thing, though, is checking out model homes.  I always like to see what they've come up with,  and what's new in tile, flooring, lighting, fabrics, etc.

I found I had a free afternoon so that's exactly what I did....and took pictures, of course!  These models are in a new neighborhood with these particular homes starting at over $1M and 3,000 sq. feet.

Isn't it interesting how our lifestyles have changed?  These new homes showcased open floor plans, with living, dining and kitchen all visible to each other, and no formal areas.  Gone are the formal living rooms and formal dining rooms.  I'm a little sad at that change - just because it was nice to have the formal room in the house, especially when we had little ones around, that you could keep clean and tidy to receive guests.  I guess it was a bit of wasted space though - seldom used.  These homes are for living in - with large family areas and hang-out rooms upstairs for teens and family.

I was actually a little disappointed in the upgrades, though. I kept looking for wow moments, new materials, unique colors - and really didn't have many.  I just expected more in this price range, I guess. There were no stellar ideas and in a home they are asking over $1M, I felt there should have been.

They were very nice, though.  
All featured rustic wood flooring.
Much use of linen and reclaimed wood furnishings.

I hated that they didn't take the cabinets to the ceiling here,
and put a lame box-like cover over the cook-top vent. 

They used horizontal planking in some models - love that.

A pop of color makes a huge difference
in a white kitchen

The wall color was perfect.  
The beach poster - Loved it.

Some of the models had a board and batten high wainscot,
one of my favorite wall treatments

I really liked these bedside tables.
I think I saw this in Ballard Designs, but never pictured it used at bedside.

The bathroom was pretty simple
and while I feel that is a good thing, I wasn't impressed with this design.

One thing I did notice, was the use of very unique lighting.

This dining room had a very cool and unusual chandelier

comprised of clear beverage bottles

I wouldn't mind having this spacious home office.

I always say your artwork doesn't have to match your decor.
But it is very pleasant when it does.

They did finally get a little creative with tile in this dressing area.
with tile applied to the floor in a rug pattern

this was my favorite kitchen - spacious and cabinets to the ceiling...
no lame box to cover the vent...
The ceilings had to be over 10 feet here,
the one drawback being the island was so wide you'd need to crawl on top to clean it.

I loved the wall and tile color of this laundry

and this was a pretty great shower

Mind you, it was tastefully done.  
With the exception of one model that was too brown for my taste, they were all appealing.  

I liked these bedside cases as well - I guess I was looking for something unique!

game room with cute vintage posters...

Am I expecting too much?  Are you blown away by these rooms?

I did save the best to last...
This, I felt, was worthy of a 'wow' moment...


art and handcrafted light fixture
pretty cool

What do you think?  Many 'wow' moments?
Any ideas you'd take home?

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